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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, Oct. 2

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Mike Gundy will not let this go. We'll just take the word of Joe Bergreon over a Poke.

"It’s something that can be fixed, it’s not like a talent or anything," Diggs said. "We need to go out and execute better. It comes with practice. Everybody is still used to the games."

D.J. Monroe has been named the National Returner of the Week.

At least everyone is missing tackles.

"I saw a game that was 70-63," Brown said, referring to West Virginia’s crazy victory over Baylor in the Mountaineers’ first Big 12 outing. "So I thought this (Texas’ victory) was probably a low-scoring game after looking at what’s happening across the country. It seems there are missed tackles everywhere."

Texas and West Virginia need to get better on defense.

"We’re scratching our heads and trying to figure it out," Brown said. "We don’t have the answers."

Lots of love for Geno Smith.

This might have ruined Mack Brown's day.

Though Texas' matchup with Oklahoma State didn't kick off for another seven hours, Mack Brown did not get to watch West Virginia's 70-63 win over Baylor Saturday afternoon. The Longhorns' hotel in Oklahoma City didn't carry FX, so Brown couldn't watch the quarterback Texas plays next, Geno Smith, complete 45-of-51 passes for 656 yards and eight touchdowns. He did not see West Virginia put up 807 yards in its first Big 12 game.

Long overdue. UT is honoring Jody Conradt.

The LHN will carry 22 basketball games this season.

North of the Red River

It is all Landry Jones' fault.

A polished player in so many ways, Jones continues to make the same mindless mistakes he did as a young quarterback. And Saturday night, it cost Oklahoma big, as Kansas State stunned the sixth-ranked Sooners, 24-19.

Bob Stoops is encouraged by his team's attitude.

What makes Bob uneasy? 70-63.

It is tough for families to hear criticism of a player.

Around the Big 12

Is there a brewing QB controversy in Ames?

Geno Smith has the perfect formula for a Heisman.

Chris Huston, who is the founder of, noted that the last four quarterbacks to win the Heisman reached or approached 50 total touchdowns before their bowl games that season, a mark that "seems to be the slam dunk" for Smith, Huston said. Tim Tebow had 51; Sam Bradford, 53; Cam Newton, 48; and Griffin, 45. After four games this season, Smith has 21.

Tommy Tuberville recruited SEC speed.

Those Texas Tech fans...

Bill Snyder, Science Guy.

Open Range

California has put protections in place for student-athletes that have career-ending injuries.

Texas schools are spending a lot of money on stadiums.

These days, those figurative front porches are glistening new or refurbished football stadiums with collective costs well above $1 billion across the state, from Texas to Texas A&M, Baylor to TCU, UTEP to Rice.

Why does Jerry Jones need a Victoria's Secret in his phallic symbol stadium?

And finally...