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Texas Longhorns Football and Recruiting Weekly Chat

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Longhorns fans join BON author billfromlaketravis to discuss Texas' desperately needed win versus Baylor.

Bill will be here to begin chatting at 7:00 pm CT. Feel free to start in with the discussion and questions in the comment section now.

Texas had lost 2 straight to Baylor before ending the skid last night. I'll take it. Baylor has been making recruiting gains against Texas, and the win should help slow that momentum some.

The Texas offense had a big game. Daje Johnson and Johnathan Gray got loose on a two big touchdowns. Bergeron tied a single game TD record. Ash turned in a solid effort. Mike Davis had his best game at Texas. The offensive line played a great game without Donald Hawkins.

Now the bad news: the Texas defense once again gave up over 600 yards and 50 points. Not Nobis football folks. However, the open field tackling made slight improvements. Josh Turner turned in a nice game. Steve Edmond made progress.

Texas had to win this game, but many of us, myself included, don't like how they won. If WVU can be held to 14 points two weeks in a row, and Baylor can be held to 21 points, defense can still be played in the Big 12. Don't let Mack Brown tell you differently.

Where does Texas go from here? I'd like to see the team preparing for a significant run in 2013. A decent bowl game to end 2012 is attainable.

Recruiting news: I'll post a complete Baylor game visitors list. More JUCO rumblings. Hoops star Julius Randle pops in for another visit. Yes, Texas has a good shot with one of the most important hoops recruits since Kevin Durant.

"There's only one thing a man can do when he's suffering from a spiritual and existential funk...
- Go to the zoo, flip off the monkeys?
- No, buy new suits."

Please discuss citizens.