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Daily Round Up: Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012

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Our intention creates our reality. ~ Wayne Dyer Just FYI, Mack.

This one is for Mack. Blame it on the rain, the LHN, whatever.

The Horns finally hit someone! [ESPN]

Where the Longhorns did their hitting was in practice against other Longhorns. The jaded might say that is an easier target. The suffering fan might say it is about time. Apparently the coaches agreed with the latter sentiment and decided to let the players loose last week.

How about some whine to go along with your cheese. About that blame for the LHN... [AAS]

Like any great politician, Mack can spin the blame. [Houston Chronicle]

Maybe the LHN needs more Mack Brown shows. [Houston Chronicle]

"Tackle the Guy With the Freaking Football With Mack Brown." This show about the Texas defense originally was going to be called "Seinfeld," since it is a show, essentially, about nothing. At any rate, the premise is that Mack Brown gathers a group of college football players each weekday and tries to train them to TACKLE THE GUY WITH THE FREAKING FOOTBALL. Critics suggest it could set new standards in Big 12 television programming.

Leave us alone, but be sure to leave that 300 million on the table on your way out. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Yes, I said this. Barry Switzer actually gives good advice. [Dallas Morning News]

It is probably a good thing Brown didn't ask for a team vote. [AAS]

Some of you are thinking about transferring. Let’s see; I’m 61. What options do I have? I could quit. Do you want that? No. I could retire at the end of the year. Do you want that. No? So what I’m going to do is go back to work, and I’m going to bust my tail and do everything I can do help you guys beat Baylor.’ So yes, I mentioned the word ‘quitting’ and no, I didn’t mention it in a serious vein. And I didn’t ask them for a vote. I wouldn’t do that when you get beat as bad as we did."

The Horns are favored by three touchdowns. [SB Nation]

The "is" is not acceptable. [CBS Sports]

That said, being paid $5 million a year and producing the results he has the past few years is unacceptable at a place like Texas. There's not a single thing the program can't have. It has its pick of the litter with in-state talent, it's a well-oiled machine that puts 100,000-plus fans in the stadium every Saturday, and in the end, eight or nine wins just isn't going to cut it. We've seen major programs (Florida, Ohio State, USC) hit a speed bump but almost all have bounced back. The issues on defense are not, as Brown has said, how it is, they are real issues facing this team. Overall, he should have more Big 12 and national titles on the wall given the talent and resources, but at this point getting back to a BCS bowl is a step in the right direction.

Around the Big 12

"They're one of the best teams, maybe the best team in the country," said West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen. "Time will tell. "They're just a real mature team. They're physical, disciplined, play smart and don't beat themselves. They're an all-around good football team with no weaknesses." [

This season has been a wild ride. [Houston Chronicle]

Weekly winners and losers. [Houston Chronicle]

Losers: Texas and Baylor defenses. Shame on you both. You gave up a combined 1,132 yards, 56 first downs and 14 touchdowns in the Longhorns’ 56-50 victory. Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, who should be doing stand-up comedy, said he was proud of the Longhorns’ defense, probably because it held Baylor to 13 fewer points than they allowed Oklahoma.

Kansas has decided who their starting QB will be. [Lawrence Journal-World]

Texas has something in common with Kansas. [Lawrence Journal-World]

Losing to Kansas State still smarts for Landry Jones. [NewsOK]

Did air travel kill WVU's air raid? [Grantland]

The win-loss record doesn't tell TCU's whole story. [Fox Sports]

Open Range

Pop Warner football is dangerous. [NY Times]

Miami University's Thug U booster club is raking in the money. [Business of College Sports]

This story will make you a Teddy Bridgewater fan. [ESPN]

At least things aren't this bad at Texas...It is getting ugly in the Georgia locker room, [SI]

And finally...

A&M is having sale on degrees! Get yours for only $9,800!!!!!! Limited quantities! Act now! [AAS]