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Daily Round Up: Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012

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I'm pissed off for greatness. Because if you ain't pissed off for greatness, that means you're OK with being mediocre. -Ray Lewis

Baby steps, people, baby steps. [ESPN]

There's a new o-line philosophy. [AAS]

Co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin said some blocking emphasis for Texas’ offensive line was changed after the Longhorns rushed for only 74 yards on 23 carries against Oklahoma.

“Let’s establish the line of scrimmage first,” Harsin said. “Make sure that we move those four guys (defensive linemen) up front. They were all conscious of moving their double teams and worrying about the (linebackers) second.”

From a fast rising star to flameout. [AAS]

Diaz on the defensive. [Inside Texas]

Just stop asking Mack Brown about Jordan Hicks. [Dallas Morning News]

Of course, Hicks hasn’t played since then, so it’s not like his listing on the depth chart had made a difference. But while the training staff continues to run the junior during practice, the Texas coaching staff is coming to grips that Hicks might not be back this season.

“We need to quit talking about Jordan [Hicks],” Texas head coach Mack Brown said. “If he plays, great, but it’s been six weeks.”

Some lesser known names stepped up against Baylor. [ESPN]

Former Longhorn linebacker Brian Jones is still not happy. [Houston Chronicle]

“Hell, no,” he said. “That is what kills me. People say we’re back, we beat Baylor. Is that the new benchmark for Texas, beating Baylor? Are you kidding me? I’m not going to feel good about this football team until they beat Oklahoma and put half a hundred on their arch-rival. That makes no sense to me: ‘Oh, we beat Baylor. We’re back.’ Bulldookey. That’s ridiculous. That is the new Texas, I guess. When you were there, it was about beating your arch-rival. It was about beating Texas A&M. It’s about beating Oklahoma. It’s about beating Arkansas. Now the new benchmark is beating Baylor? Come on. That’s a joke.”

Around the Big 12

The Commish gives his state of the conference address. [CBS Sports]

This should make us all feel just peachy about the game with Tech. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Bill Snyder has nothing but respect for the Red Raider defense. [Dallas Morning News]

Is Dana Holgorsen head coaching material? [Lost Lettermen]

When all else fails, hit the mute button. Paul Rhodes does not want any more questions about the QB situation. [Des Moines Register]

Wouldn't we all love to be a fly on the wall when these two coaches show up at the same high school football game? [NewsOK]

TCU is young. Very young. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]


What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? [NewsOK]

Open Range

Can I get an amen? Hallelujah! Will Muschamp was saved! [SI]

Jeremy Foley saved Will Muschamp.

Florida's athletic director didn't physically remove Muschamp from danger, and this isn't a story about any kind of religious conversion, but make no mistake, Foley rescued Muschamp from something Muschamp would have considered a fate worse than a never-ending weekend of craft shows with the Missus. Foley saved Muschamp from The Longhorn Network.

Just trust us. We promise not to leave. [Penn Live]

To do business inside a conference, you’ve got to be able to trust each other," Emmert said. "You know, you sit and you all swear allegiance to the conference, and then you know during the coffee break people are out there on the phone trying to see if they can get in another conference. That’s a problem. We needed to stop. We need a little healing to go on and we need to make sure that students—and this is where we come in—that students aren’t getting abused with travel."

The pressure is on. The coaching carousel is spinning. [Sporting News]

How does Alabama get that top recruiting class every year? [Rivals]

Notre Dame is on the three-year plan. [Tulsa World]

Good going, Missouri. [Sporting News]

Recruiting, Alabama style. [Pensacola News-Journal]

Someone has blasphemied the good name of Sooner football. [OU Daily]

Former Longhorn All-American Russell Erxleben is in trouble. Again. [Daily Texan]

And finally...