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Daily Round Up: We averted a Kansan disaster

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Lions, and tigers Sooners, Jayhawks and Bears! Oh, my!

"I’m excited that we won the game, and I’m excited for Case," Brown said when asked who would start next week. "We will do all of that when we get home."[Temple Daily News]

Case McCoy saved the day. [USA Today]

"It wasn't anything I did," said McCoy, who completed 5-of-7 passes for 68 yards. "I think our coaches and our team just decided to dig down deep and decide to fight."[Yahoo Sports]

Texas blew several scoring chances. [AAS]

This could have been Brown's worst loss. [Houston Chronicle]

It was ugly. [Barking Carnival]

The win still doesn't help answer the questions this season. [ESPN]

Texas survived and so did Mack Brown. [Yahoo Sports]

Woo-hoo. The Horns are bowl eligible. [Dallas Morning News]

Case McCoy is no Vince Young and this isn't 2004, Mack. [AAS]

"You all (the media) always talk about losses. I don’t," Brown said. "What I thought about was it’s so similar to 2004, and the 2004 team ended up in the Rose Bowl. It was Vince Young throwing the ball to Tony Jeffery back then, and Case McCoy throwing it to (Grant) this time."

McCoy is no Vince, but let’s give him props for displaying the clutch gene that obviously runs in his family. And congratulations to Texas for becoming bowl-eligible with its sixth win, though there was a a time in this program’s recent history when six wins was expected without talking much about it.

And finally...

In case you missed this great post over at BC. [Barking Carnival]