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Daily Round Up: Monday, Oct. 29, 2012

What our players have to understand is that losing is a disease. Gary Patterson

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"I told our guys we came out and it was too easy," Brown said. "Three and out (vs. Kansas offense), and all of a sudden we had a quick score. We probably relaxed and didn’t give Kansas the respect they are due. This isn’t the Kansas team we played last year.

"We woke up at halftime. Our guys played better and harder the second half. The objective is to win. I’m glad we won." [Lawrence Journal-World]

Have the Horns hit bottom? [ESPN]

Mack Brown was poised to hit rock bottom.

Make that Rock Chalk Jayhawk bottom.

Does Brown know who will start at QB next week? [San Antonio Express-News]

Will this crummy season hurt recruiting? [SI]

Is Mack Brown still the man for the job? [Sporting News]

Texas did beat a Kansas state university. [Barking Carnival]

Wonder if Scott Drew is watching the basketball team practice on the LHN?

Around the Big 12

It is difficult to imagine any Big 12 team beating KSU. [SI]

Wildcats keep crushing everything in their path. In fact, they look so good that it's difficult to imagine any of their final four opponents beating them. If they do wind up 12-0, we could be heading toward some serious BCS controversy.

Bill Snyder is a miracle worker. [Smart Football]

Colin Klein puts a lot of pressure on a defense. [Football Study Hall]

The Wildcats should be in line for all kinds of awards. [Kansas City Star]

Oklahoma lost to a very good Notre Dame team. [ESPN]

Steele Jantz led ISU over Baylor. [Yahoo Sports]

The Pokes beat TCU. [NewsOK]

The Mountaineers are costing everyone money. [West Virginia Gazette-Mail]

Open Range

There may be a lot more televised Texas high school football playoff games in 2013. [UIL]

Gene Chizik can't be feeling too confident about his job right now. [ESPN]

The NCAA wants to hold head coaches directly responsible for rule violations by members of their coaching staff. [USA Today]

And finally...