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Daily Round Up: Wednesday, Oct. 3

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"We cannot continue to tackle poorly," Brown said.

On Saturday, prepare yourself for one huge defensive battle. Just kidding!

Texas is bracing for Geno.

Once Byndom and his UT teammates boarded a bus bound for Stillwater, a satellite hook-up kept them updated on four more Smith TDs. Then, after the Longhorns had given up 576 yards and barely survived a 41-36 shootout with Oklahoma State, they boarded a charter plane, also equipped with live TV and enough Smith highlights to have the weaker-stomached defenders reaching for an air-sickness bag.

"We didn't need a scouting report," UT coach Mack Brown said. "By the time we got home, the defense had seen enough."

Do the Horns have enough fire power?

Are the Horns back?

Mack Brown on Johnathan Gray:

"It's the first time this year that I've seen him run with the confidence and the patience that he did in high school," Brown said. "It was really exciting to watch him."

"He's handling the Wild formation like a five-year senior," Brown said. "He's handling it like Fozzy did [last year] and we didn't know that in preseason. We just weren't sure who the guy was or what he was. And it's him, it's him all over the place."

"He's explosive and powerful and he's got the ability when that hole opens up to take it [for a touchdown]," said offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin. "He's just got a gear to him that if they want to bring a linebacker and go 1-on-1, he can shave that guy and get 2-plus yards. And if we get it blocked correctly and he's on a safety, he can get in space and make a guy miss."

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Expect to see more Gray. Johnathan Gray is filling the void.

David Ash has no comment about the DKR crowd.

"I don't think I'm going to comment on this one," the quarterback said when asked about Vaccaro's comments and the home crowd.

Grades are in.

We should just fire Diaz now before it gets any worse.

There is no place like home?

Mack Brown strongly defended the home crowds and said they appreciate good football.

"Now they’re not going to get excited about playing somebody we’re not excited about," Brown said. "I tell our team, ‘You can’t be flat. They can. Sometimes, y’all got to stir ‘em up.’"

Jesus and a Cigar have a conversation...

North of the Red River

Landry Jones was not invited to be a member of the club.

Big 12 quarterbacks are all over the rest of the top of the rankings: Baylor’s Nick Florence is ninth, Texas Tech’s Seth Doege is 12th and Kansas State’s Collin Klein is 16th. And Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez, who quarterbacked in the Big 12 in 2010, is 11th.

OSU’s Wes Lunt, with only about 11/2 games under his belt, is 47th. Landry Jones is 62nd.

The Sooners are searching for themselves.

A month into the season, the Sooners are still searching for their offensive identity. Oddly enough, the defensive unit they face next is not.

Oklahoma is heading for a House of Horrors.

And here's one more bad Halloween reference in a headline.

Another chapter in the ongoing series...Stoops being Stoops.

Great news. Austin Woods has finished chemotherapy.

Around the Big 12

West Virginia fits right in.

It is time to find out if the Tech defense is for real.

Kansas Hate Week has begun on Twitter.

The next thing we will hear is that Gundy is having wristbands made for his team. (Be sure to ask Nebraska how that worked out.)

"My only comment is that he fumbled, and I just wanted to know how it was called a touchdown, based on the time it was called a touchdown when officials came running from the sidelines and then raised their arms in the air," Gundy said. "We were convinced the ball wasn't in his hands when it happened."

The answer is yes. Is Bill Snyder one of the best college football coaches?

Bill Snyder has a guilty pleasure.

Open Range

Mike McQueary files a whistleblower lawsuit against Penn State.

Jon Gruden ruminates on quarterbacks and the state of Texas.

A former K-State linebacker is going on The Bachelor.

The Aggies still aren't ranked.

The Big East is alive. Really, they are.