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Daily Round Up: Happy Halloween

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This season is scaring the heck out of us.

Is Mack Brown in denial? [AAS]

This isn't very nice. [Dallas Morning News]

"I don’t like him starting. If his last name wasn’t McCoy then he wouldn’t even be at Texas, let’s just be honest about it. He’s a great kid, and he gets a lot of mileage out of what he has. But if you watch him throw, he’s throwing from down here, he’s slinging the ball. I think he’s the kind of kid that has a lot of moxy and he has a lot of his brother in him. I like bringing him off the bench if things aren’t going well with David Ash."

David Ash remains the starter. [AAS]

We have a rivalry with Tech? [Dallas Morning News]

"It’s just one of those games that always will be a rival. And I think for the guys that have been around for a while, especially the seniors, know that we took care of them our freshman year. Ever since then, they’ve kind of handled us. So it is our last chance to ever get that win and to get that bad taste out of our mouth ever since our freshman year."

Texas should never have a sub-par season . [Dallas Morning News]

Playing USC in the Alamo Bowl just isn't the same as 2006. [San Antonio Express-News]

Myck Kabongo will sit out scrimmages while the NCAA continues to investigate. [Dallas Morning News]

Around the Big 12

Whatever Tommy Tuberville is doing is working. [Dallas Morning News]

The Cyclones want another big win against Oklahoma. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

KSU and Bill Snyder have come a long, long way. [ESPN]

Bob Stoops defends Landry Jones again. [NewsOK]

The Sooners were on the wrong end of some calls. [NewsOK]

The Pokes will face the biggest game of the season. [Albany Times-Union]

Open Range

Tim Tebow wants to trademark Tebowing. [Jet Law]

Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez cares about his player's health. [Forbes]

Should the NCAA outsource enforcement? [The Atlantic]

Another in the continuing series of Aggies being Aggies. [Dallas Morning News]

And Aggies should never, ever boo. [Dallas Morning News]

And finally...

Happy Halloween.