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Daily Round Up: Thursday, Oct. 4

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All the conference news that is and isn't fit to print. And then some.

Was NewsOK punk'd?

Just in case you think the Big 12 apologized to Mike Gundy, think again.

"Reports that the Big 12 acknowledged a blown call and issued an apology to Oklahoma State are inaccurate," the Big 12 tweeted on Wednesday.

The offensive post mortem from Barking Carnival is up.

Can Diaz and the D stop the air raid?

Can UT learn anything from WVU's losses?

"Looking back at it, I think obviously our players were ready to play," Marrone said. "During the three years we played a West Virginia team, I really believe we played extremely hard, we played well, we didn’t turn the ball over, we didn’t commit penalties.

"The turnover ratio, the tackling, the situations -- we were able to stay ahead in things, whether it be down and distance or whether it be scoring and being able to answer. We did all those things when we played West Virginia, and we felt very good the way we matched up versus West Virginia teams."

It went away, much like all the missed tackles this season. Where did all the Manny Diaz love go?"

Take a number, Mountaineers, right behind K-State. West Virginia owns us.

They are playing the Matthew McConaughey card over at The Smoking musket.

North of the Red River

The Sooners made a top 10 list this season.

Last year, the Sooners were preseason No. 1 and flopped. This year, they were a preseason top five team and again, are looking very shaky. Their lone win over an FBS opponent was a big struggle against a UTEP team they had their hands full with for three quarters. Kansas State came into Norman and knocked off the Sooners, who just aren't making the kind of big plays you'd expect from this program. They are No. 107 in turnover margin. Shocking stat: One month into the season and Mike Stoops' D has forced just one turnover all season. It'll be interesting if Bob Stoops' squad can get some revenge at Texas Tech this weekend.

Mike Stoops thinks the QB run game is important.

"The quarterback run game is always the difference," he said. "In the NFL it’s usually the difference, guys that can scramble and create plays with their feet are always going to create problems. You can’t just rush and let them run wild, you have to set edges, you’re rolling the dice, if he gets outside you have other issues."

RB Damien Williams will see more action this season.

Last year's game with Tech was an eye-opener. But in true Land Thief style, they didn't seem to learn much.

"Last year, it was kind of a shocker," cornerback Demontre Hurst said of seeing OU’s 39-game home winning streak snapped. "Being at Oklahoma, winning at home so many times, and we get beat. It was unreal. It kind of distanced the team because no one on either side of the ball played good or played up to their potential.

"I don’t think we learned from that until the end of the season, it kind of stuck with us and we lost to Baylor and Oklahoma State."

We are always happy to help Bob's loss record at the Cotton Bowl.

Sooner fans are giving Stoops a very bad time.

As long as Barry is happy, we can all rest easy.

If backup Blake Bell does win the starting job next season, and if Stoops throws in just a dash of QB run game — something other than the increasingly tiresome and predictable short-yardage "Belldozer" package — then call Barry Switzer happy.

The all-time king of quarterback run game, Switzer has always wanted to see his beloved Sooners use something dangerous and unpredictable, maybe something like Texas did with Vince Young and Colt McCoy. Maybe even something a little like what Kansas State does with Collin Klein, although when it comes to passing, Klein is a bit like a flightless bird.

If Mack Brown can stand by his word, why can't Bob Stoops?

Around the Big 12

H/T The Smoking Musket

The Mountaineers do not want to end up like Clemson.

Safety Darwin Cook, a senior with three seasons of Big East expertise, was new to the league, but felt like he'd seen it before and he explained the feeling after he skipped that postgame scene and headed for the team's quarters.

"I felt like Clemson's defense," he said.

Slowing down the WVU offense isn't easy.

Geno Smith is a football nerd.

Guess who is in the lead for the Heisman Trophy this season?

Dana Holgorsen is one happy camper.

Clearly, the 41-year-old Holgorsen has become the next rock-star head coach in only his second season. And he's exulting in every minute of the ride.

"We'll have a good time," Holgorsen said. "It's a serious business at times, but life is too short not to have a good time. These guys do have good personalities, and we have a good time, but when it's time to buckle down and work, we go to work."

Is there a QB controversy in Stillwater now?

Tech QB Seth Doege has learned to block out all those bad thoughts.

What is behind Tech's defensive breakthrough this season? It's simple.

"Confidence of knowing they're all on the same page," coach Tommy Tuberville said. "It's not rocket science. What we do is very simple."

The Red Raiders make you earn it.

"They were pressing us all over the field," Rhoads said. "When guys are rolling up on your widest receivers, then on your inside receivers, (quick passing) isn’t a part of the package. It’s just not there. Why it’s successful a lot is because folks play loose; they play off, and you can throw and catch and get blocks made to start plays. You can’t do that against that type of press coverage."

It is easy to blame the quarterback, but there's more to Iowa State's troubles.

Who has a sunflower rivalry? The Sunflower Showdown looms.

Bill Snyder is a stickler for details.

Art Briles lost the game of high stakes chicken.

The Bears are an academic peer to Stanford?

As a student, I feel that this is what Baylor is trying to achieve, and if it is looking for a model to follow, Stanford is the perfect example. Baylor must somehow find a way to balance academics and athletics, without compromising the integrity of either.

Read more here:

Open Range

It is time to give someone else a chance at the big prize.

Dear Voter:

It has come to our attention that ya'll are thinking the same thing again. An SEC rematch in the BCS championship game.

Colleges need concussion plans.

If I'm an athletic director, if I'm a president of a university, I'm talking to my legal counsel and saying, 'What do we do to protect ourselves? Look, we're not saying that we did anything wrong or that we knew there were problems. But we have to recognize the change in the landscape as a consequence of us learning more about concussive results.' So I would say to my athletic department and to my legal counsel, 'What do we need to do here? Let's create a protocol. Let's create one that's clear, in writing. So that everyone on the staff at every level from coaches to trainers to players, know how we're going to handle this. We have to adhere to it. I don't care how big the star [player] is. You have to adhere to it.'

Is election fraud an NCAA violation?

A&M heads to Oxford this week.

The Aggies' wish has been granted.

Jerry Sandusky won an award.

Sports Illustrated Kids announced former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky as its annual Doo-Doo Head of the Year recipient on Tuesday.


The great LSU Freek has been decloaked.

And finally...

See, your parents were right. A college degree from the right university is important.

The Daily Texan has been recognized as one of the most storied college newspapers in the country.