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Cablevision Adds Longhorn Network

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It's not Time Warner or DirecTV, but with the announcement on Thursday that Cablevision has reached an agreement with ESPN to carry the Longhorn Network, the reach of the young network took another baby step.

Erich Schlegel - Getty Images

Hey, remember when every comment about Texas football in the weeks prior to the season starting was cause for complaint about the Longhorn Network? That was awesome, wasn't it?

Well, ESPN reached an agreement with AT&T U-verse to carry the channel, and another provided jumped on board on Thursday with the announcement that Cablevision has joined the fold.

Primarily based in New York, the addition will provide another option for all the Texas fans in the City, as well as those in parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Maybe this means that they will actually have it at ESPN headquarters in Bristol. Cablevision also services parts of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah after purchasing Bresnan Communications several years ago.

No word recently on negotiations between Time Warner Cable and ESPN, though the former finally ending a nearly decade-long stalemate with the NFL Network has widely been considered positive news.