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Game Round Up: West Virginia

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"Not disappointed in the effort, just disappointed in the outcome," Coach Mack Brown said. "Obviously when we had our opportunity to go ahead (after Okafor’s second forced fumble) and didn’t, that really hurt us." [AAS]

Texas came up short. [AAS]

The Horns just couldn't capitalize on the breaks. [San Antonio Express-News]

The missed field goal doomed the Horns. [Houston Chronicle]

Alex Okafor blocked that field goal with his face. [SB Nation]

Texas is getting closer to being an elite program again, but we are not quite there. [ESPN]

"You look over the course of the game, we got what we wanted," Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz said. "We turned them into a running team." [KQRE]

The Mountaineer that had the most impact last night was not who you would expect. [USA Today]

West Virginia ran a balanced attack. [ESPN]

We are better than this. If Texas fans did this, an apology is in order. [ESPN]

Said West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen, who was an assistant in the Big 12 for nine years: "I've never seen this place like that."

It even got after Smith at one point, serenading him with a "Geno Sucks" chant as he gestured to the crowd, egging them on.

"Where does that come from?" Smith said. "Obviously, I don't suck. I'll let them believe that."