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Daily Round Up: Monday, Oct. 8

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Hate Week is here.

"It was rocking out there," receiver Stedman Bailey said. "A hundred thousand fans, you'd think it would be very loud out there, but I'd never heard a crowd so loud. [Charleston Daily Mail]

We need Jordan Hicks. [Dallas Morning News]

The Mountaineers punched UT, but not in the way we expected. [Saturday Morning Quarterback]

WVU messed with Texas. [Sunday Gazette-Mail]

Around the Big 12

"They came into our house, beat us fair and square and pushed us around. That is only our fourth loss in four years. Losing is a disease if you don’t do something about it, it will just keep spreading. I am not a very good loser. You have to give them a lot of credit they came in and did a great job." [Dallas Morning News]

Iowa State ended TCU's win streak. [Yahoo Sports]

So much for that #1 Tech defense. [Lubbock Avalanche-Journal]

West Virginia could be in the national title run. [SI]

Don't make Bill Snyder mad. [Kansas City Star]

Kansas lost to K-State, 56-16, but there is an upside. [KU Sports]

"Well, if I were a recruit I would want to come play for us," Weis said. "Could get on the field pretty quick, don’t you think? I mean there are two angles when you look at recruiting now. One angle is how the teams are doing. The other angle is, you want to play? I mean, you watched the game, right? Come on, let’s go."

Charlie Weis does not care for his school's newspaper. [Kansas City Star]

Hate Week has officially started for the Land Thieves. [Crimson & Cream Machine]

Diaz is an idiot.
In grand texass fashion he must have been the best out there since texass wanted him. As opposed to the truth: he was the co-coordinator at a bottom tier SEC school… -OU JJ

Sounds like Texas fired Greg Davis, then hired him back to run the defense. -Sooner Gone East

And finally...