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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, Oct. 9

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"The stadium was electric, unlike any time I’d played in it before," Walters said. "I just want to thank the fans for coming out, because they really helped us stay in that game down the stretch." [AAS]

The QB struggles are over. [NewsOK]

Johnathan Gray wants to improve. [AAS]

May we have a D.J. Monroe sighting on Saturday? [ESPN]

This is a problem we haven't had in a while. [Yahoo Sports]

"It's a game of inches and we came up a little short. We had our opportunities, but I was proud of the way this team battled. We didn't make some of the plays that we needed to." [ESPN]

Texas is bedeviled by the defense. [San Antonio Express-News]

Brown vs. Stoops. [ESPN]

Big 12 power rankings. [CBS Sports]

3. Texas (4-1, 1-1 Big 12): The Texas defensive line got after WVU's Smith and sacked him four times, but the run defense struggled for the second straight week, giving up 207 yards to Andrew Buie. The Horns continue to look impressive on offense, but their defense needs to improve. Even with the struggles on defense, this is by far the best team Texas has had since Colt McCoy graduated.

North of the Red River

A win over the "#1 defensive team in the country" and the Land Thieves believe they are back in the title hunt. [NewsOK]

The good Landry showed up last Saturday. [NewsOK]

The concept of staying in bounds might be a little too complex for a Sooner. [NewsOK]

Really? This is the best you can do? [Crimson & Cream Machine]

Around the Big 12

I doubt these recruits will ever return Dana Holgorsen's calls. [ESPN$]

I would hate to see how these people act if they lose. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

The Morgantown police department and nearby responding agencies arrested 15 people in the "destructive aftermath" of the West Virginia University-Texas football game Saturday night.

The Pokes just want to end up bowl eligible. [NewsOK]

There is a lot more to OSU than their 2-2 record. [Tulsa World]

Just in case you were wondering, there is no QB controversy in Lubbock. [Dallas Morning News]

You better respect Iowa State's defense. [Des Moines Register]

The conference is better than ever. [Washington Post]

Open Range

You never know what you will find on a football field. [Yahoo Sports]

Why not give the Heisman to a defensive player? [Yahoo Sports]

This is just creepy. [Tulsa World]

The deal was called Gift of a Lifetime - meaning literally. Each of the 28 partners had allowed the school to take out a $10 million insurance policy on his or her life, with the annual premiums to be paid by Oklahoma State, Bloomberg Businessweek reports in its Oct. 8 edition.

The deal cost donors nothing, and in return, they received a bronze statue of the school mascot, Pistol Pete; a plaque on the side of the stadium and the knowledge that their deaths would enrich the school they loved.

Kudos to the web designers. Simple site, clean design, concise message. [Fire Pinkel]

Stay classy, SEC. [CBS Sports]

And finally...

Thank you to Oklahoma and Rhett Bomar for the memories.