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aggie Celebrates Victory over #1 Crimson Tide

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In their inaugural trip through the fields of the SEC, our friends in overalls manage to wreck the conference's six-year national championship streak.

Hey, Tide fans - these morons are your problem now.
Hey, Tide fans - these morons are your problem now.
Mike Zarrilli

The aggies are the Gaylord Focker of college football. In knocking off #1 Alabama, they stopped up the toilet, ruined the yard, burned down the altar, broke the bride's nose, and killed the family cat - all on their very first trip to Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa.

Make no mistake - the win was of the hard-fought variety and took all 60 minutes of what turned out to be a great game. But the fallout is likely to be epic. With five undefeated teams yesterday morning, an SEC team in the MNC game was a sure thing. With only three undefeated teams remaining, an SEC team in the MNC is a stretch at best.

Congratulations, aggie - your latest program-defining win came at the cost of the very thing you quit the Big XII and joined the SEC for: being a tiny cog in the great wheel of SEC glory. By winning the game, you've effectively destroyed your conference's chance at continuing their run of said glory. Life's a bitch, ain't it? But at least you're no longer in Texas's shadow, so at least there's that.

Now, aggies, just don't shit the bed in the SEC's annual "take the weekend off" celebration this Saturday, when you face off against Sam Houston State while other teams face the likes of Samford, Syracuse, Alabama A&M, Georgia Southern, Wofford, and Western Carolina. Best conference in college football, indeed.

Moving on. Notre freaking Dame. A win is a win, I know, but come on - 21-6 over Boston College? Seriously? How are these bozos still undefeated? The Irish need to crush Wake Forest this week, and they need to find a way to score enough points to beat USC next weekend. If they can win these two, they'll have earned their trip to Tempe (or Pasadena).

Florida needed a last-second blocked punt - returned for a touchdown - to beat Louisiana-Lafayette. In Gainesville. Ouch. The aggies' loss to Muschamp's boys looks worse today than it did last week, and it's going to look worse when the Gators get cooked by the Seminoles.

Oregon apparently won last night, but since they kicked off after my bedtime, I don't really have anything to offer in the way of commentary. According to the box score, they scored a lot of points, and held Cal to not very many points...but it's Cal, so who really knows how to read this one? Oregon State lost to Stanford, which doesn't help Oregon any; Oregon plays Stanford this week and Oregon State the week after, meaning both teams will suffer at least one more loss before the end of the regular season.

Finally, props to the 'Horns, who played an outstanding game on both sides of the ball Saturday. The turnaround in our defense is nothing short of incredible, and I can only think that if we'd been playing like this from the get-go, we would've taken down WVU (which apparently isn't all that hard) and held OU to only a four-touchdown margin of victory. Also, I like our offense more the last two weeks; I have no idea if Harsin is using a new chapter in his playbook, or if Mack - as rumored - has quit handcuffing him, but whatever it is, I like it. Keep up the good work. I like our chances against both TCU and, believe it or not, KSU.