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Oregon Takes Over Top Spot in Latest Resumé Rankings

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The Ducks late-season success against ranked opponents propels them to the top of the latest resumé rankings, while the weakness of the Big 10 starts to eat away at Ohio State's poll position.

Steve Dykes

There was some shuffling at the top of the rankings this week, as Oregon, KSU, and aggie rose while Alabama, Ohio State, and LaTech dropped - but not much.

  1. UO
  2. Bama
  3. KSU
  4. TAMU
  5. LaTech
  6. UF
  7. tOSU
  8. ND
  9. UT
  10. San Jose St.
  11. Kent St.
  12. BSU
  13. USC
  14. Fresno St.
  15. S. Carolina
  16. UCLA
  17. Clemson
  18. UGA
  19. Stanford
  20. UCF
  21. OU
  22. PSU
  23. Rutgers
  24. Michigan
  25. Utah St.
Most of the SEC teams will fall next week; the resumé ranks disregard games against non-FBS teams, and most of the SEC teams take the week off against lower-division teams on Saturday. The yawners include Western Carolina at Alabama, Wofford at South Carolina, Georgia Southern at Georgia, Alabama A&M at Auburn, Sam Houston State at TAMU, and Samford at Kentucky. KSU and UO (assuming they win) will move up relative to all of these teams since they are both playing FBS teams (Baylor and Stanford respectively).

Interesting tidbits:
  • Alabama scores more points (27) by virtue of its own direct results than any other team in the poll. UO is next with 26.75 points.
  • Mizzou gets more help (17.425 points) from their opponents' results than anybody else in the poll.
  • The "opponents' results" figures for the top 10 include five SEC teams (Mizzou, Auburn, Arky, KU, and UF), three PAC-12 teams (Stanford, Cal, 'Zona), one Big XII team (KU), and one Big 10 team (MSU).