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Daily Round Up: Weekend Edition

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Next season can still be a championship type of year for Texas. It all depends on what we see from the Longhorns over the final three games of 2012 as to what the expectations should be going into next fall.

The 2013 season depends on how the Horns finish in 2012. [AAS]

The Frogs are getting ready for Texas. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Is Gary Patterson an innovator or a sideshow? [Barking Carnival]

Don't brag about unfulfilled potential. [Barking Carnival]

College Football isn't a game for old coaches. [Barking Carnival]

A TCU hex rally just doesn't do it for me. [SB Nation]

Open Range

Has tackling become a lost art? [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Third party relationships are a problem for the NCAA. [AthNet]

Aggies love themselves some Johnny Football. [A&M Athletics]

Former Longhorn Willie Mack Garza cited in the University of Tennessee's problems with the NCAA. [UT Sports]

Paying 2 million in compensation to former players for brain injuries while denying a problem may be an issue for the NFL. [PBS]

Is Panda Express food really this bad? [Barking Carnival]

And finally...

Here is your feel good moment of the day. [NBC]