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Daily Round Up: Monday, Nov. 19, 2012

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Image from the great minds over at Barking Carnival.

It is not like we didn't warn the Hawkeyes. [SB Nation]

Around the Big 12

Baylor had literally never been there before. Congratulations to the Bears.

"Anger, frustration, obviously disappointment," Wildcats tight end Travis Tannahill said as he described his feelings after a 52-24 loss at Baylor on Saturday night. "Confused. We just don't know what went wrong. We had a good week of practice. We felt prepared, everything we've done the last 10 games." [IndyStar]

The K-State loss was a heartbreaker. [Kansas City Star]

The Wildcats just couldn't keep up. [San Antonio Express-News]

The Jayhawks suffered their 20th consecutive Big 12 loss. [CBS Sports]

The Pokes demolished Tech. [NewsOK]

The Sooner offense bailed out the win against West Virginia. [NewsOK]

Open Range

There wil be an SEC team in the BCS title game. But which one? [SB Nation]

Les Miles is always entertaining, even at his press conference. Language NSFW [SB Nation]

This is just stupid, Aggies. [SB Nation]

And finally...

Not sports related, but worth a mention. The latest documentary from Ken Burns is on the the Dust Bowl, a history shared by both Texas and Oklahoma. Part one aired Sunday, part two is on tonight. [PBS]