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Daily Round Up: Friday, Nov. 2, 2012

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The Horns future is cloudy. [AAS]

Alex Okafor and Kenny Vaccaro are stepping up. [AAS]

Lubbock is a snakepit. [Barking Carnival]

A letter to Mack Brown. [Grantland]

Rick Barnes will go to Plan B if Myck Kabongo is not cleared. [ESPN]

"Playing the 'what-if' game, we expect what can go wrong will go wrong," Barnes said. "We actually have that attitude and have tried to develop more than one point guard. That's why we wanted a style of basketball where if someone goes down, we don't have to make that big of an adjustment.

Around the Big 12

The Tim Tebow-Collin Klein comparisons abound. [Kansas City Star]

Bill Snyder, mad scientist. [Grantland]

He once railed against the serving of hard butter, fearing that it would inexorably alter his team's digestion; he once reportedly became perturbed after the team bus got stuck at a railroad crossing, because he presumed that someone should have checked the train schedule. When he was 28 and coaching at a high school in Indio, California, he tried to hire a hypnotist so he could find a way to compress six hours of sleep into one. (The plan failed.)

Can you get ISU QB Steele Jantz in a bottle? [Iowa State Daily]

Paul Rhodes' coaching personality is a lot like Barry Switzer. [NewsOK]

For Iowa State's defense, slow and steady wins the race. [Steve Malchow]

Will there be a Mark Mangino sighting in Norman? [Lost Lettermen]

Dana Holgorsen does not like change. [The Register-Herald]

Losing is a new emotion for TCU and West Virginia. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

TCU's defense is plowing the way to a bowl bid. [Kansas City Star]

Art Briles is a risk taker. [Waco Tribune]

Open Range

Former Penn State President Graham Spanier will also be charged. [NY Times]

Why would you do this to your child? [USA Today]

There is an order to the NCAA enforcement. [Business of College Sports]

And they are getting tough on cheaters. [ESPN]

And finally...

There are things going on at UT besides complaining about the lousy football season. [Alcade]