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Daily Round Up: Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012

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At least the Horns are having a great time in Maui.

The first game Texas lost to Division II Chaminade [Daily Texan] and last night they lost to USC [CBS Sports].

The rush defense is off life support. [AAS]

UT, which will lose only two defensive starters and one full-time offensive starter off this year’s team, will have the benefit of three off-weeks during the conference season in 2013. They will not be required to play any back-to-back road games. They might even have a chance to get an extra two days to prepare for Oklahoma, if an Oct. 5 game against Iowa State is moved up to Thursday, Oct. 3. [Houston Chronicle]

2013 will be one big year. [San Antonio Express-News]

After the 2013 football season, who knows? [Dallas Morning News]

They are already talking revival. [ESPN]

Mack Brown's contract includes a gift certificate to McBrides Guns. [USA Today]

Just FYI. The 2013 OSU-Texas game falls on the same weekend as F1. [AAS]

And finally...

Just how did the Hex Rally get started? [San Antonio Express-News]

Seventy-one years ago, a fortune teller known as Madame Augusta Hipple told Texas students their best chance to beat Texas A&M in football was to place a curse on their foes by lighting as many red candles as they could find.