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Texas Longhorns Football and Recruiting Weekly Chat

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Longhorn fans join BON authot billfromlaketravis to discuss Texas' loss to TCU.

Many of us went into the infamous "food coma" on Thursday after a Thanksgiving feast. You were sluggish, tired and unambitious. The Texas Football Program is in a food coma right now. One can argue that the program has been stale for the past 3 years.

As Longhorns fans, we shouldn't accept mediocrity. Texas is blessed with every single advantage to succeed. They should be the best program in the country regularly, if not every year.

I'm not writing another fire Mack introduction, but it needs to happen. Mack has 2013 circled as a special year, but I don't see it happening. TCU and OSU are young teams and should improve. OU will continue to be a mental and physical iceberg. That's three conference losses. Mack will burn through much of his goodwill if he comes back for 2013.

On to the positives. I think the defense played better. They did give up over 200 yards rushing, but the blame can be placed squarely on the scheme. Johnathan Gray flashed. Mike Davis and Shipley played well.

Recruiting: 2014 Fort Worth OL Demetrius Knox will make his college decision tomorrow. Texas is expected to the pick, and it should provide some much needed recruiting momentum.

A new offer is out. Texas offered JUCO LB De'Vondre Campbell. Campbell is currently committed to Tennessee. The Vols recently fired Head Coach Derek Dooley.

Banquet Weekend is quickly approaching. Texas is expected to host Desmond Harrison, and Campbell.

Holding pattern on Benenoch and Billings.

"If you want the ultimate, you gotta be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic if to die doing what you love." -- Bodhi

It's Sunday Night. Time for to chat with BFLT.