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Daily Round Up: Thursday, Nov. 29

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"The big thing will be seeing how we respond in this game that will help us going forward to see what kind of team we are," said junior guard Trey Hopkins. "Don't just say there were problems. Actually come out and say, 'We are not going to lose again.'" [ESPN]

Can Texas beat KSU with their passing game? [Dallas Morning News]

Quandre Diggs just wants some love. [AAS]

The running game is built to preform. [ESPN]

It has been a year and the QB discussion still isn't settled. [Dallas Morning News]

Texas has a good shot at either the Alamo or Cotton Bowl. [AAS]

The basketball team beat Sam Houston State. [AAS]

Around the Big 12

“I don’t know if I’d necessarily call it anger, but there’s a lot of motivation and buildup of we just need to get back on track. Our last two performances haven’t been stellar. There’s a lot of motivation there. I don’t know if it’s anger, but there’s some motivation, no doubt.”- Collin Klein

Kansas State needs to right some wrongs this Saturday. [Dallas Morning News]

Bill Snyder still wants a Big 12 championship game. [Washington Post]

Bill Self likes the number 10. [Kansas City Star]

Open Range

We are on the way to super conferences. [SI]

How did Maryland's athletic department go broke? [SI]

Louisville is just going to get richer in the ACC. [ESPN]