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Daily Round Up: Friday, Nov. 30, 2012

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Congrats to the volleyball team!

Mack Brown did not reach the NCAA's Top 10 Coaching Club this season. [Dallas Morning News]

Malcolm Brown fights for playing time. [ESPN]

Kansas State comes calling. [Chicago Tribune]

"When Case comes in he is a little spark," said guard Mason Walters. "He always has a little something to get the guys riled up."

In that sense he's Texas' own defibrillator. [ESPN]

Can Texas contain Collin Klein? [AAS]

The Wildcats have a lot riding on this game. [Topeka Capital-Journal]

The Longhorn players and Texas fans don't see eye to eye on things. [Houston Chronicle]

Time to talk baseball.

Around the Big 12

Oklahoma is the place to start a coaching search. [NewsOK]

Dana Holgorsen does it all. [SB Nation]

If the SEC were like the Big 12. [Wide Right Natty Light]

10 is enough. [CBS Sports]

Louisville was the school that got away. [NewsOK]

What will happen to the conference now? [WV MetroNews]

Open Range

Does the ACC have a vision for their conference? [Orlando Sentinel]

Big East expansion is one awful joke. [CBS Sports]

If we had a college football playoff, how would it look this year? [SI]

And finally...

Here's your laugh of the day. Great writing from the WRNL guys. Again. [Wide Right Natty Light]