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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012

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Yes. [AAS]

"I think that’s something we ought to talk about in the league," Mack said. "The Horns Down is disrespectful to the players."

We'll say it. Texas is inconsistent. [ESPN]

Carrington Byndom is back. [AAS]

The defense doesn't break. [Barking Carnival]

Johnathan Gray is everything we thought he was. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Will Texas end up in the Cotton Bowl playing LSU? [SB Nation]

Basketball season is almost here. [Barking Carnival]

Rick Barnes has a tough love program. [AAS]

Much is expected of Texas sophomore Sheldon McClellan this year, who averaged 11 points a game last year but made only 31 percent of his threes as the Longhorns search for offense after J’Covan Brown, the leading scorer in 23 games during a disappointing 20-14 season. But he’s got to survive Rick Barnes’ tough-love clinic first. “Off the court we have a good relationship,” McClellan said of his head coach. “We are not friends on the court. It’s different. It’s like he knows nobody. He has no love for anybody in practice.”

The LHN has an app. [iTunes]

Around the Big 12

Baylor's defense is improving. [Waco Tribune]

Go Bears! [SB Nation]

Lache Seastrunk is making his mark in Waco. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

There's no place like home? A home field isn't much of an advantage in this conference. [Yahoo Sports]

The Big 12 is all about the numbers. [Charlotte Observer]

Open Range

SEC taunting. [Lost Lettermen]

This guy is literally a fly on the wall on the sideline. [NewsOK]

We've always known the Aggies were bonkers and it had nothing to do with Joining the SEC. [SI]

The Aggies can't be happy about this. [Dallas Morning News]