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Daily Round Up: DKR

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Darrell Royal, a folksy former all-American player who became one of college football’s most acclaimed and innovative coaches, leading the University of Texas Longhorns to three national championships, died on Wednesday in Austin, Tex. He was 88. [NY Times]

"He is Texas football," UT coach Mack Brown once said of Royal. "He's what put us on the map. He's our trademark. He's one of those handful of guys who've done more for college football than college football did for him." [Houston Chronicle]

Those of you who think Mack Brown put UT football on the map, may be too young to know how influential a football coach Royal was, and how he helped turn college football into a religion in these parts. [Houston Chronicle]

"It was fun," Royal told The Associated Press in 2007. "All the days I was coaching at Texas, I knew this would be my last coaching job. I knew it when I got here." [NewsOK]

Back in 1972 Memorial Stadium was undergoing renovation and Royal was convinced that someone had entered disguised as a construction worker and had spied on their practices. The charges all came to a head the week of the 1976 game. Royal had found out the name of the alleged spy. He was Lonnie Williams, who had ties to OU coaches Switzer and Larry Lacewell. [Barking Carnival]

Thanks for one of the greatest games ever played.

Coach Royal was so much more than just a winning coach. [ESPN]

Spencer Hall wrote a great tribute. [SB Nation]

The eyes of Texas are always upon you. Rest in peace, Coach Royal.