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Daily Round Up: Iowa State

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Success starts at the offensive line. [AAS]

Malcolm Brown is back. [Inside Texas]

The defense is coming around. [ESPN]

“I realized how well-coached and tough and physical Iowa State is,” Texas guard Mason Walters said. “I won’t take that for granted. I don’t think anybody on this team will.” [Dallas Morning News]

Paul Rhoades may not be around the Big 12 much longer. [AAS]

It comes down to the quarterback. [Des Moines Register]

It is a good thing Steve Edmonds isn't kicking for us. [AAS]

When Mack Brown is backed in a corner, watch out. [Inside Texas]

I don't think so. [NewsOK]

And finally...

Hey Berry, try reading Mack Brown's statements in context. [NewsOK]