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Daily Round Up: Monday, December 10, 2012

Take the most important question in the win-now business of coaching -- What have you done for me lately? -- cut the last word, and you know what Texas thinks of Mack Brown. The Longhorns aren’t winning like they want to. They are still a step away from where Brown took them in his first 12 years. But university president Bill Powers and athletic director DeLoss Dodds remember those years. They appreciate how Brown has worn the burnt orange, and how he actually reads the NCAA Manual. Texas has the money to afford to act on principle. And that’s not as cynical as it sounds. [ESPN]

Is that faith justified? [AAS]

Texas is headed in the right direction. [Sporting News]

A tribute to Kenny Vaccaro. [Barking Carnival]

Is the basketball team getting comfortable with losing? [AAS]

Mack had a dream... [Barking Carnival]


Oregon State's defense might be missing some players December 29th. [CBS Sports]

We have something in common with the Beavers. [Houston Chronicle]

Around the Big 12

"Tommy and I have talked a number of times since the conclusion of the Baylor game this year, and as recently as yesterday he looked me in the eye and gave me his commitment and dedication to Texas Tech football and leading this football program forward," Hocutt said. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Read more here:

So much for that.

Lubbock is in shock. [CBS Sports]

Tubberville and Tech made for an awkward marriage. [SI]

Tech will not waste any time looking for a replacement. [Sporting News]

How will Mike Stoops contain Johnny Football? [NewsOK]

Mike Gundy belongs in Stillwater. [Tulsa World]

Please stop by and write on Collin Klein's wall. [Bring On The Cats]

The Aggies won't be happy to hear this, but they owe the Bears. [Sporting News]

TCU's football program has an impressive graduation rate. [Go Frogs]

WVU's Mountaineer needs to be politically correct from now on. [Fox Sports]

Open Range

Why Johnny Football will only win once. [CBS Sports]

Now the Aggies have a reason to hate Thayer Evans. [SI]

The 2015 college football title game might be in Dallas. [CBS Sports]

Bobby Petrino is still waiting for someone to call. [CBS Sports]

Way too early, people. Here is the first 2013 Heisman list. [CBS Sports]

At least the LHN employees don't go on strike. [Sporting News]

Mark you calendar. Here is the bowl schedule. [LSU Football]

And finally...

The Aggies also are taking out newspaper advertising in the Austin American-Statesman, perhaps to take a jab at their rivals at the University of Texas, which is located in Austin.

Little brother is still trying to annoy the hell out of us. [ESPN]