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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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Quarterbacks just pass us by. [ESPN]

The Horns really need to beat Oregon State. [ESPN]

Catch up with Kheeston Randle. [Texas Sports]

College coaches scour Mack Brown's defensive back trash. [Wide Right Natty Lite]

Around the Big 12

"We are hired guns. That's basically what we are as coaches. It's just a football coach. Sooner or later, you are either going to leave or get run off or do something else." -Tommy Tuberville [Coaching Search]

Tommy Tubberville has been looking for a way out of Lubbock. [Dallas Morning News]

The Tech players feel betrayed and angry by Tubberville's departure. [Dallas Morning News]

Art Briles to Lubbock? [Dallas Morning News]

The Red Raider job has lost its shine. [NewsOK]

Say it ain't so. Bob Stoops pulls some double talk on conference co-championships. [NewsOK]

Welcome to our world, Sooners. [Blatant Homerism]

Oklahoma State has lost their offensive coordinator. [Dallas Morning News]

Collin Klein is a winner, no matter what. [Kansas City Star]

Open Range

Football concussions are a serious liability. [NY Times]

Is the NCAA failing black male student-athletes? [The Shadow League]

Sports reporters should cover the news, not make the news. [Sherman Report]

No one knows where he will be coaching six months from now. Bobby Petrino is headed to Western Kentucky [Atlanta Journal-Constitution] and his image rehab has begun. [CBS Sports]

The Petrino hire shows it is all about winning. [SI]

It pays to keep in touch with people, especially ones in a position to hire you later. [CBS Sports]

The Cotton Bowl wants to be in the big boy bowl league. [NewsOK]

The Aggies are just waiting for the windfall. [The Atlantic]

Will ESPN stop talking Tebow? Never. [Sports Business Daily]

The Onion nailed the Bleacher Report. [The Onion]

Johnny Heisman = Lindsey Lohan? [CBS Sports]

And finally...