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USC now a major factor with A'Shawn Robinson

It may finally be time to seriously worry about the possibility of the top-rated recruit in the 2013 class inking with Texas.

Ndamukong Suh (left) and A'Shawn Robinson (right) at The Opening
Ndamukong Suh (left) and A'Shawn Robinson (right) at The Opening
Wescott Eberts

It was no secret that 2013 Texas defensive tackle commit A'Shawn Robinson always liked the USC Trojans heading into his official visit last weekend. What wasn't known was how much of a threat the Trojans would present to the Longhorns.

As news has trickled out about how that visit went, the answer appears to be that Texas, and Texas fans, should be extremely concerned about the possibility that the top-rated member of the 2013 class flips to USC.

As usual, has the latest on Robinson ($), with the information coming from a source close to the big defensive tackle who wasn't worried about Robinson decommitting from Texas. Until now:

I was obviously completely wrong about it. But I was basing that on what he had been saying for the past few weeks. If I was Texas, I would worry. USC made a big impression on him. Much bigger than what anyone, including A'Shawn himself, expected.

According to someone with close ties to the USC program, the depth of knowledge that Robinson had about the Trojans was particularly surprising.

Not enough? Star safety and USC pledge Su'a Cravens was around Robinson all weekend and said that the Texas commit "loved the visit ($)" and was "all smiles" the entire weekend. Considering that Robinson is extremely low-key and tough to get much out of, for him to be that expressive is extremely telling.

In the past, the major impediment from the USC perspective was the fact that the Trojans had a full class until Max Redfield and Eldridge Massington decommitted. Right now, Lane Kiffin has two open spots.

Still, proximity is a major factor in Robinson's recruitment. His mother has been in the Texas corner throughout her son's recruitment and that hasn't changed:

California is a long ways away. So is Alabama. Austin is a few hours, tops. His mom knows this and so do the rest of the people he's close with. His mom has been a big factor in all of this and, as of right now, she's in Texas' corner. She's a no-nonsense, not putting up with much, type of lady so she's very vocal about where she prefers him to be and that place is Texas. She has no problem letting him or anyone else, including other coaches, know that.

Again, information supported by the USC source.

Robinson is still planning on taking a trip to Tuscaloosa at some point, but if there is any good news in all of this it is that his mother wants to keep him close to home.

Mothers don't always get their way -- witness Landon Collins and the drama with his decision last year -- but after interacting with A'Shawn's mom at The Opening, she doesn't seem like a woman to be trifled with.

Right now, she may be the best thing Texas has going for them as the coaching staff tries to avoid yet another decommitment in the 2013 class.