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Daily Round Up: Happy Tommy Tuberville Is An As$ho&# (Allegedly) Day!

Texas Tech deserved better so I've declared today as the Tommy Tubberville Is An As$ho&# (Allegedly) Day. I say allegedly so the BON legal team isn't put to work.

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You're welcome. Here's the bowl preview you never asked for.

Major Applewhite is getting a promotion. [Barking Carnival]

A day in the life of an Applewhite groupie. [Barking Carnival]

Once again, we're at the top of the list. [ESPN]

Around the Big 12

There's a big celebration brewing in Lubbock. [Dallas Morning News]

Charlie Weis is assembling a dream team. [Topeka Capital-Journal]

Has anyone told him that Kansas is a basketball school? A four-star recruit picks the Jayhawks. [KU Sports]

Gary Patterson is going to 'grow up' his team. [TCU 360]

Lache Seastrunk's Heisman campaign has begun. [Our Daily Bears]

Dennis Dodd podcast interview on the Big 12. [Big 12 Sports]

Our Daily Bears has a message for you. They even translated it! [Our Daily Bears]

Tommy Tuberville Is An As$ho&#

"We won over a lot of the fans while we were there. It was much improved when we left." -Tubberville [Sports Radio 1340]

Allegedly, Tommy Tuberville left a dinner with a recruit and never returned. He didn't bother to tell the kid he wasn't planning to stick around, either at dinner or in Lubbock. [24/7 Sports]

The Big 12 version of Bobby Petrino? I guess we should have seen this coming. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]


Would Tommy like a saucer of milk to go along with that comment? Tommy Tuberville thinks A&M overachieved in the SEC this year. [Dallas Morning News]

When all else fails, deny. [SB Nation]

The family is no stranger to the legal system. Tuberville is being sued [ESPN] and in 2011 his wife, Suzanne Tuberville, ran a red light and hit an elderly couple. [Daily Toreador]

Open Range

We should eliminate sports welfare. [Sports On Earth]

Nice work if you can get it. $118, 500.00 for a month's work. [USA Today]

The Cotton Bowl will be a historic rarity! [NewsOK]

School mascot violence is a menace to society. [Barking Carnival]

Yuk. That is all. [SB Nation]

12-12-12 was a day made for Aggies. [ESPN]

And finally...

Celebrate the holidays with the talented guys over at Good Bull Hunting. [Good Bull Hunting]