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Daily Round Up: Friday, Dec.14, 2012

No team in the Big 12 has been on a wilder ride this season than Texas. The Longhorns looked like they were back with a 4-0 start and hanging around the top 10. Then came a two-game losing streak capped by a beatdown in Red River. Everybody gave up on the Horns and more than a few fans were ready to be rid of Mack Brown. Then Texas won four consecutive games and revived its BCS and Big 12 title hopes. Then it got solidly beaten on its home field and nobody believed in Texas anymore.

An Alamo Bowl preview. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

Texas is just shuffling along. [AAS]

Just let Major be Major. [AAS]

Huge congrats to the volleyball team! [AAS]

Around the Big 12

He's here! [SI]

Tuberville couldn't have done any worse. [Dallas Morning News]

Open Range

Just hit the play button. This Aggie video speaks for itself.

No. Would you trust Bobby Petrino to walk your dog? [CNN]

This is for all you Saban haters out there. Ron Jaworski does not like Nick Saban. [AL]

How about some realignment predictions? [SB Nation]

They could call themselves the Catholic Conference. [Sporting News]

And finally...

Some good, inspiring Friday reads. Makeup Game, Shooting For Perfection, and Something Under The Sun.