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Reports: Manny Diaz contacted Florida State about the defensive coordinator position

The Texas defensive coordinator was connected with another job on Thursday.


After rumors that Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator Manny Diaz was a possible candidate for the FIU job, news broke from one of SB Nation's own on Thursday night that FIU wasn't the only job in Florida that Diaz may have been interested in:

To follow up on that, Scipio Tex reported on Friday that a source of his own confirmed that Diaz reached out to Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher about the job last week.

Given the reported timetable there, it seems unlikely that anything came of the contact and Florida State fans seem to believe that Diaz is far from the top candidate for the position.

However, it does start to develop a possible pattern for Diaz -- he may be interested in getting back to his home state of Florida and willing to take a low-level FCS job or make a lateral move to make that happen.

Is part of the impetus a desire to find another position before being fired from his current position? There doesn't seem to be a lot of buzz about Diaz being replaced by head coach Mack Brown following this season, despite the many issues with his defense this season that have been well-chronicled, but there can't be any question that Diaz is feeling some pressure and understands that it could increase if the Texas defense continues to struggle against Oregon State like they have many times this season.