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Daily Round Up: Monday, Dec.17, 2012

Let's face it: When you're Texas, you never get to be the cuddly underdog. You're the big, bad Longhorns, representing the giant school with the well-funded athletics department in the giant state loaded with talented recruits in all sports. [ESPNW]

Major Applewhite is more than ready. [Inside Texas]

Special teams weren't exactly special. [ESPN]

Pat Forde does not think Texas will beat the Beavers. [Yahoo Sports]

Texas football is an empire in decay. [SB Nation]

Rick Barnes has recruited more quality players, but has less quality team play. [Inside Texas]

For the men's basketball team, it is back to basics. [AAS]

The Beavers are checking us out. [Building The Dam]

Beaver cornerback Jordan Poyer is making history. [Oregon Live]

Around the Big 12

This couldn't have been comfortable.

Maybe that's why he left? Tommy Tuberville did not like the West Texas wind. [Yahoo Sports]

Kingsbury and Tech are a match made in heaven. [CBS Sports]

The new Red Raider coach has the Pirate's seal of approval. [CBS Sports]

The Pokes don't need to screw things up. [NewsOK]

OSU defensive coordinator Bill Young doesn't know if he will be around much longer. [NewsOK]


Does this bode well for the Cotton Bowl? [NewsOK]

The Pokes play defense. [NewsOK]

This year's team is a challenge for Bill Self. [Kansas City Star]

Open Range

How many bowl games are too many? []

The MAC is a stepping stone to greater things. [ESPN]

And finally...

This is a dedicated Washington State alum. [Yahoo Sports]