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Report: Manny Diaz flying to Miami

According to one report, the Texas defensive coordinator boarded a plane on Monday morning bound for Miami.

Brendan Maloney -- USA Today Sports

With the Florida St. defensive coordinator job going to Jeremy Pruitt, one landing spot for Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator Manny Diaz was filled recently, but the FIU job is still open. And it appears that Diaz may interview for it Monday:

Of course, Diaz could have been returning home to deal with family issues, as well, so it's difficult to say with certainty why the embattled coordinator is heading to Florida. If indeed he did take a plane to Florida today, which has not yet been confirmed by any other outlets.

If Diaz is interviewing for the FIU job, it would mark the end of a period of relative calm in their coaching search -- there doesn't seem to be any recent news regarding potential candidates for a job that has been open for nearly two weeks now after the firing of Mario Cristobal.