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Daily Round Up: Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012

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Mackspeak. Mack Brown held a press conference yesterday. [Texas Sports]

Texas has red zone issues. [Horns Nation]

In case you can't get to a TV for the Alamo Bowl. [Tune In]

Around the Big 12

This a must read story about K-State DT Javonta Boyd. [Tampa Bay Times]

Who knew there was so much football talent in Kansas? [Topeka Capital-Journal]

Iowa State will have to play without their leading rusher. [CBS Sports]

The Red Raiders are all about swagger now. [Lubbock Avalanche-Journal]

Need a guide for that Kingsbury swagger? Here it is. [Lubbock Avalanche-Journal]

Congrats to Devon Thomas for making the smart choice in Oklahoma. [Tulsa World]

But from top to bottom, who was the strongest conference in the FBS in 2012? [USA Today]

Open Range

It was unanimous. The seven Catholic schools have excommunicated themselves from the Big East. [CBS Sports]

The seven schools leaving the Big East conference aren't doing so for financial reasons. [ESPN]

A Big East eulogy in food. [SB Nation]

What would the bowl picture look like if Penn St. and Ohio State were eligible? [ESPN]

Boise State is at a crossroads. [SB Nation]

The ACC is safe from a Big Ten raid for now. [CBS Sports]

Bowl Bling. What will your favorite player get for playing in a bowl? [Sports Business Daily]

How did the NFL broadcasts handle the Newton shooting? [SI]

The PAC 12 still hasn't solved their labor issues. [CBS Sports]

The Ohio State University cannot be happy about this at all. [Lost Lettermen]

The investors first mistake was trusting a college coach with their money. [Arkansas Business]

Some Aggie Kingsbury soft porn. [Good Bull Hunting]

There has been a Jimmy Clausen sighting. [SB Nation]

Who had the worst new college football uniforms this year? [SB Nation]

Of course there would be a cow drumline at the Chick-fil-A Bowl press conference. [SB Nation]