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Report: Manny Diaz withdraws name from consideration by FIU

It's been a busy couple days in the Manny Diaz-to-FIU department, with confirmation early on Tuesday that the Texas defensive coordinator did indeed interview for the open position in Miami on Monday.

However, a report on Tuesday evening fired a preliminary salvo in stopping speculation about Diaz being offered the job and making the move back to his hometown:

Not exactly official confirmation that Diaz will be back in Austin for a third season in 2013, but Feldman is known to have some of the best sources in the business.

Why would Diaz withdraw his name? Perhaps FIU is closer to getting Butch Davis to agree to take the job or perhaps Diaz realized he would in all likelihood be taking a pay cut and heading to a program that doesn't exactly have a lot of built-in advantages or significant support for the football program.

Cue the disappointment. Well, for those fans who aren't already jaded by the process and the constantly changing updates, that is.