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Game Round Up: Kansas State

Yes, we know exactly how you feel, Mack.
Yes, we know exactly how you feel, Mack.

"Basically, they just out-executed us," said Texas safety Adrian Phillips. "They did what they were supposed to do and we did not come out to do our job after halftime." [SI]

Once again, we lost to Kansas State. [AAS]

Case McCoy can be great and horrible in one game. [Dallas Morning News]

Many questions [AAS], no real answers. [AAS]

The curtain unceremoniously came down on Texas' 2012 regular season.

The guillotine might soon follow.

Let the fans eat cake. [ESPN]

Kansas State was methodical and successful. [Inside Texas]

Congrats to the Wildcats. [Bring On The Cats]

"We own Texas! We own Texas!" the Kansas State fans bellowed. [Houston Chronicle]

Yes, they do.

The good news? The Land Thieves share the conference title with KSU. [Crimson and Cream Machine]

Don't call us, we'll call you. [Dallas Morning News]

FYI. There's an LHN app. [iTunes]