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Daily Round Up: Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012

Will a big Alamo Bowl win quell the Texas fanbase worries? [AAS]

Tyrone Swoopes wants the future to start now. [AAS]

Meet some of the Beavers. [AAS]

Some preseason predictions were a whole host of wrong. [AAS]

Welcome to Texas!

Oregon State has decided on a QB. [Dallas Morning News]

The beavers spent Christmas in Texas. [Oregon Live]

Open Range

The NCAA wants to rewrite recruiting rules. [CBS Sports]

Lache Seastrunk vows to win the Heisman. [CBS Sports]

Boise State is trying to be the prettiest girl at the dance. [ESPN]

ESPN looks at football dynasties. [ESPN] Texas just missed the list. [ESPN]

Revisiting Florida State's football program's best years. [ESPN]

Congrats to Garrett Gilbert and SMU. [SI]

Two Texas schools made the final HS football top ten. [SI]

Sooners being Sooners. [ESPN]

And finally...

Some enterprising Oregon State grad wishes everyone Happy Holidays.