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Texas yet to make contact with potential running back coaches

During a meeting with the media on Friday morning in the lead-up to the Alamo Bowl on Saturday, Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown said that he has not yet made contact with any potential additions to the staff:

No, in hiring over the last few years, I felt like in some cases it was disruptive and really unnecessary to call guys who were in bowl games and talk to their head coach before you talk to them about a position before they coach their game. We were okay, we didn't need him in here for recruiting at this time. We didn't need the guy to coach because he wouldn't know our system anyway. So I felt like it's best to wait until after we get through [the bowl game] and after the two or three guys I'm going to talk to get through and then talk to them and bring them in and interview. But I really haven't called anybody yet. I've obviously looked at some things, and personally I keep a list of guys that you're interested in through the years, and then one of the good things about waiting, too, and it happened before is a lot of guys call you that you might not remembered were out there or that you might not remember or think they'd even be interested in coming.

The opening is the running backs coach position that was created when co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin left to become the head coach at Arkansas State and former running backs coach Major Applewhite took over the playcalling duties.

The decision to wait until after the Alamo Bowl to begin serious pursuit of Brown's candidate or candidates of choice explains why there has been little information in recent days about any new developments.