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UT President Powers: "Coach Brown has my full Support."

In a sign of solidarity, University of Texas president William Powers throws his full support behind seemingly embattled Longhorns head football coach Mack Brown.

Tide Wiseman - Texas Tribune

On the heels of what many believe is another dismal year ('s all about results) for Texas Longhorns football, head man Coach Mack Brown continues to draw criticism among chief tribal fan leaders across the worldwide spectrum.

Particularly disconcerting is the news today that a starting quarterback has not been named for the upcoming Alamo Bowl game. The thinking was this position was actually settled with upstart David Ash having taken the reins in the lead up to last year's Holiday Bowl. It appears now that after much sunshine pumping ahead of the now just finished regular season, the program appears to be stuck in neutral with very little in the way of momentum. And this momentum may spill over into the recruiting period which would seriously impact Mr. February's resume.

So today, University of Texas president William Powers used his bully pulpit blog "Tower Talk" putting matters to rest in regard to the school's intentions and support for Coach Mack Brown.

Now that the Longhorn football team has finished its regular season, there has been an increase in media speculation about Coach Mack Brown’s future. I’d like to state unequivocally that Coach Brown has my full support as well as the support of Men’s Athletics Director DeLoss Dodds. Put succinctly, Mack Brown is and will remain the Longhorns’ head football coach.

Coach Brown restored Texas’ winning tradition. He embodies the Texas character, is a superb ambassador for The University of Texas, and runs a program that is both winning and clean, a program that all alumni and fans can and should be proud of. Mack cares about the young men on the team as people, as students, and as players, in that order, and he models the kind of leadership that will serve our players for the rest of their lives.

I look forward to watching this young team win the Alamo Bowl and continue to grow in seasons to come.

Hook ’em Horns!

With this, and a solid 40% of the Big 5 Cigars, in his pocket, Coach Brown's job is secure for another season. And credit to him and his staff for leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of any and all talent that can aid in getting the program into drive. That's the only gear that counts in 2013.