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National Signing Day 2012 Open Thread


Update 12:05 p.m. - Torshiro Davis has signed on the dotted line and is now officially a Texas Longhorn.

Update 9:55 a.m. - Peter Jinkens is confirmed. All 27 are now on board!

Update 9:40 a.m. - Per multiple reports on Twitter, LSU commit Torshiro Davis will make his decision at 10:30 am CST and it seems that Texas still has a chance. Also, A&M signee Matt Davis, a quarterback from Houston and one of the leaders of the so-called AggSwagg movement, put Texas on blast on Twitter today.

Update 8:45 a.m. - Paysites confirming all but one verbal commit has signed LOI's and faxed to Belmont.

Already enrolled:

Connor Brewer, Donald Hawkins, Camrhon Hughes, Brandon Moore, Orlando Thomas, Alex De La Torre

Faxed and stamped:

Caleb Bluiett, Paul Boyette, Malcom Brown, Tim Cole, Adrian Colbert, Bryce Cottrell, Bryson Echols, Kennedy Estelle, Johnathan Gray, Daje Johnson, Marcus Johnson, Cayleb Jones, Nick Jordan, Alex Norman, Jaylen Overstreet, Hassan Ridgeway, Kendall Sanders, Dalton Santos, Kevin Vaccaro


Peter Jinkens


First, let's congratulate all of the 2012 Texas Longhorn commitments as they gather their pens to ink their LOI's today. This is shaping up to be arguably one of the best overall rated Texas classes in almost a decade.

Note to recruits: The next several months, and your first season or two, are known as probation period. Not a ton of expectations but should you choose to play out of your mind, rest assured internet heathens will work to make you heroes. However, not play to potential and you risk the scathing scorn of a fickle fan base played out on the www for all to see. I apologize in advance grown men and women (mostly the former) act this way but that is just the way it works.

Second, move over GBR, BLT, and GHG90. While we appreciate the untold volume of recruitnik updates you've bestowed upon us (emphasis on volume of appreciation), we're a little sick and tired of your play it straight drivel (soft ankles and supple that really necessary?). It's now time for the crazy, whacked out, unreasonable Longhorn fan to give it a go at the wheel.

This was supposed to be a DGB lottery open thread but it appears Texas was told late yesterday to move along. Coach Wyatt is to be congratulated for his tireless efforts in working to land the once-in-a-decade potential talent. However, DGB was considered a cherry on top for the 2012 class (although I'm sure we'll debate the what if to death over the coming seasons). Cherries are usually eaten well after the meat and potatoes portion of the meal. And yes, Longhorn fan, we've got the staples well dished up in this class.

We are already at 6 enrolled and 21 verbals going into the day with one firm card left in hand and maybe one in the hole depending on if the Howell transfer report yesterday is firm. At this time, there are no reports of any late flips or gets for the Longhorns but stranger things have happened.

Regardless, a big salute is in order to the Longhorn staff who worked tremendously hard in sewing up another top 5 rated class. They've been working tirelessly for weeks to secure the talent necessary to inch are way back to the top of the heap. I tip my cap to these gentlemen. It says a lot about the program especially given the one game over .500 performance the last two seasons thanks to Cal mailing it in. I guess the LHN is worth something afterall.

There is lots of content on BON to familiarize yourself with the latest class and we've created a handy reference found below.

Our plan is to update this post throughout the day with takes on inbound LOI's and the like. But get in early as Coach Brown is a morning person and has emphasized to all prospects the importance of sending in their faxed commitments by 10:00 a.m. (Seriously, people still use a fax machine?).

We'll have a preview of Coach Brown's 3:30 p.m. press conference later today so please stay tuned for that.

So here's how this breaks down, BONizens. We need your help. Scatter the interwebs to find the latest breaking information and share away in the thread. Or, just let us know your thoughts on the new college football talent both waiting to be molded into Longhorns and all the other teams we could care less about (Poor Aggie news is welcome).

This is your open thread. Have at it.

As always, Texas Fight.

Hook 'em.

*Note of thanks to Connor Brewer and Cayleb Jones for taking leadership roles in keeping all the early commitments focused on the prize and giving us #T.G.O.D. (Texas Gang or Die). That is one of the coolest, if not nerdiest, twitter hashtags I've seen yet.


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RB Johnathan Gray, QB Connor Brewer, QB Jalen Overstreet, ATH Daje Johnson, WR Cayleb Jones, WR Marcus Johnson, OT Kennedy Estelle, OT Camrhon Huges, OG Curtis Riser, DE Caleb Bluiett, DE Hassan Ridgeway, DT Malcolm Brown, DT Paul Boyette, DT Alex Norman, LB Tim Cole, LB Peter Jinkens, LB Alex De La Torre, LB Dalton Santos, S Adrian Colbert, CB Orlando Thomas, CB Bryson Echols, K Nick Jordan, DE Bryce Cottrell