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Texas Signees Participate In International Bowl Ceremony

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Texas signees (from left) Daje Johnson, Tim Cole, Malcom Brown, and Caleb Bluiett were all smiles following their signing ceremony at the International Signing Day breakfast (Photo by the author).
Texas signees (from left) Daje Johnson, Tim Cole, Malcom Brown, and Caleb Bluiett were all smiles following their signing ceremony at the International Signing Day breakfast (Photo by the author).

AUSTIN, TX -- In a mock signing ceremony for the International Bowl breakfast at the Marriott South Wednesday morning, new Longhorns Malcom Brown, Daje Johnson, Tim Cole, and Caleb Bluiett spoke about their decisions and what the future holds for them in burnt orange when they make their collective way to Austin this summer.

Bluiett was perhaps the most confident of the four, predicting a national championship for Texas next season: "I believe that we'll win a national championship next year. I have great confidence in us."

When asked if it was a result of the coaches or the talent, the West Brook product said it was both the coaches and the talent that have him so confident.

The versatile defender who could see time at tight end when he gets on campus was also rocking a monogrammed Longhorn hat that featured his high school nickname on the back -- The Weapon, apparently given to him by the West Brook PA guy early in his prep career. He ended up liking it enough that he adopted it.

Bluiett cited his aforementioned versatility as his greatest asset as a player, saying that he can play any position he puts his mind to, though he did jokingly add that he would have to work on his flexibility to work as a kicker. Defensive end was, however, the position he said he felt the most natural playing, as a result of his experience working there in high school.

Brenham product Tim Cole was slightly less confident than Bluiett, opining that the 'Horns will soon be competing for a national championship, but not going so far as say it will happen in 2012. The assembled reporters asked him about his now-trademark black-rimmed glasses and he revealed that he doesn't any vision issues, he just wears them for show.

Nice swag, Timmy C. The linebacker was looking sharp in his light blue dress shirt before later switching into a Texas Gang or Die shirt he had made while he was in Oregon for The Opening last summer. According to Malcom Brown, Cole is just a stylish guy.

So, are the 'Horns back, Tim?

"Oh yeah, Texas is definitely back, a lot of people should know that. You could tell by what they did this year that they definitely turned around the program. I feel like this year we're going to make an even bigger step," said the linebacker.

Sounding kind of weary of the whole recruiting process, big Malcom Brown said that it was "a relief" to finally sign and end it all.

So what's going to make the class successful? Brown cited the bond that the recruits have already built together. Texas Gang or Die, in my opinion. Apparently his, too, as he later walked out of the restaurant at the Marriott muttering that to himself after finding out that Torshiro Davis committed.

He has some pretty high expectations for himself, too.

"I want to come in and be a starter my freshman year, be the best defensive lineman there," he said.

Considering what he was did to opposing linemen in high school, doubting Brown might not be the best idea.

Brown later admitted that he grew up an Oklahoma fan, but added, "I like Texas now." Asked if he hated Oklahoma, however, and he countered saying "I don't hate anybody."

Spurred by the revelation of Bluiett's nickname, Brown was asked if he had one and either didn't remember or wouldn't admit to being called "Sug" until Tim Cole jumped in. Brown said he picked it up because he's "sweet with the ladies."

Brown isn't nearly as sweet with offensive lineman, but it didn't seem like a personal thing with him, as he indicated that it's simply a matter of them getting in between he and the football. Not a good place to be, clearly.

The fourth 'Horn in attendance, Daje Johnson, said that the honesty of the Texas coaching staff was a major determinant in his final decision, as they didn't promise him playing time, just asked him to come in and work hard and that he would get his chance if he did that.

All four are now getting ready for the International Bowl that will take place in Austin at the Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex at 5 pm CST this evening and will be televised on CBS Sports. Now in the fourth year, the game matches the USA team against the World, which will feature players from 19 different countries who traveled more than 700,000 miles combined to make it to Central Texas. Caleb Bluiett has been named one of four captains for his country. Yours truly will be in attendance.