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Torshiro Davis to Texas, Hell Freezes Over

Torshiro Davis signed with Texas at the last minute, shocking many. (Photo by Wescott Eberts).
Torshiro Davis signed with Texas at the last minute, shocking many. (Photo by Wescott Eberts).

[Update]: Davis told a television reporter that "Some of the players didn't seem happy down there," referring to LSU. Guess the rumors of locker room discord were true -- Wescott

In a stunning move, Torshiro Davis flipped to Texas at the last moment on National Signing Day. Texas finally gets a blue chip out of Louisiana.

Rumors began to surface late last night that 2012 Shreveport, LA DE Torshiro Davis was having second thoughts about signing with LSU. Those rumors came to a head this morning as reported that Torshiro Davis would sign with Texas. Davis made his decision just moments ago at his high school in a Signing Day to attend the University of Texas.

Most of the excitement in the Texas 2012 Class was on the offensive side of the ball. After DT Malcom Brown, the defensive class while solid, lacked some star power. Torshiro Davis is most certainly a star.

Davis is #2 ranked prospect out Louisiana is a top 100 national player. Davis' greatest strength is his lightning quick first step which could make him a terror at Texas as an edge rusher.

Texas fans can thank DL Coach Bo Davis for landing Torshiro. Coach Davis and Torshiro formed a close bond during the recruitment process. Texas was relentless in their pursuit of Davis up until last week when he told the Texas staff that he would sign with LSU. Davis reopened the lines of communication with the Texas staff after having misgivings about LSU. It must have been a difficult choice as there has been immense pressure for Davis to sign with the home state team. LSU will fail to sign the top 3 prospects from within their borders after playing for a national championship this past season. Stunning.

Davis made 2 unofficial visits to Texas and made his official visit during Banquet Weekend. Davis joins a historic Texas recruiting class that boasts 8 players that were committed to other schools, 4 out of state players and JUCOs. Unheard of in the Mack Brown era. As I tweeted earlier this week, Mack has taken the gloves off and is committed to winning now.

Davis will likely play immediately at Texas as he has the best first step on the roster and is an elite pass rusher. Hook 'Em.

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