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Kevin Vaccaro: 2012 Texas Recruiting Spotlight

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Lil KV is a smaller version of his hard-hitting older brother (Photo by Wescott Eberts).
Lil KV is a smaller version of his hard-hitting older brother (Photo by Wescott Eberts).


Name: Kevin Vaccaro

Position: S

Height: 5'9''

Weight: 175

Speed: 4.50

High School: Brownwood High School, Brownwood (TX)

Rating (Rivals): Three out of five (5.5)


  • Texas (Committed 12/11/2011)
  • Louisiana Tech


Vaccaro has been a long-time UT fan and was always going to commit to the Horns if offered. Initially, he was only offered a grayshirt, but the need for a safety in the class (remember, Vaccaro committed the same day as Colbert) and his brother's potential departure a year early prompted Texas to bring in Kevin on an official visit over banquet weekend. To the surprise of many, Texas ultimately offered the "Bowie Knife," who quickly committed to the Horns and now perpetuates the violent brand of football the Vaccaro name brings to the game.

Scouting Report

Kevin Vaccaro (senior highlights) (via 247SportsStudio)


  • Closing speed: Like his brother, Kevin plays with animal-like ferocity when he's en route to the ball carrier. I always say the number one trait you want from a safety or linebacker is closing speed, which is a corollary to the frequently opined "40 times are overrated" and "football speed is what counts." KV2 is a pin missile
  • Man coverage skills: For a guy primarily designated as a safety, Vaccaro is very good in one on one situations as well. His small stature and agility allow him to turn his hips relatively seamlessly and keep up with route-runners. I think his quickness and physicality would translate well to sometimes operating in the nickel
  • Aggression: Vaccaro isn't afraid to deliver the bone-jarring hit to the ball carrier in the running game, nor is he someone you want to cross when throwing, well, crossing patterns over the middle of the field. He's very good at dislodging WRs from the ball and provides an intimidating presence over the middle
  • Athleticism: Kevin has good acceleration and gets up to top speed very quickly, as evidenced by his impressive work on offense in his film. I like his "supple hips," as Doug would jokingly say


  • Size: Height, height, height. Yeah, you guys know the story. He's almost assuredly shorter than his listed 5'9", and we're just going to have to deal with it. It may limit him getting on the field, and it may not. If he were his brother's height, he would have been a JD1 commit. Other than that, he's pretty much a stud
  • Pure speed: I guess Kevin doesn't have elite top-end speed? Whatever, I'm reaching here. It's a non-issue

My Take

Would Kevin have been offered if Kenny weren't waffling on returning for his Sr. season? We'll never know. What I do know is we got a very solid and underrated player who is vertically challenged. So let's please not turn this comment section into a complete Negative Nancy-fest because KV2 flashes on film big time. Or if you are going to hate on the offer, at least watch the film first. Besides, nobody works harder than a program kid with a chip on his shoulder. I'm looking forward to seeing Kevin bust his ass once he gets to campus.