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Texas Recruiting 2013: First Junior Day Defensive Predictions

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No Big Boards yet, as I don't feel like messing with the formatting right now, but I'll work on getting them out next week. For now, enjoy some J-Day predictions for the weekend. A couple notes -- the predictions are simply educated guesses in most cases, as are the favorites for most of these kids and the offer is whether they are expected to receive one, but whether they already have one. --Wescott

Justin Manning, Dallas Kimball DT

Offer? Lock

J-Day commitment? 10%

Overall odds: 50%

Favorites: Texas, Oklahoma, LSU

Quick take: Manning has said that he's open early in the process, which is good news for Texas considering his older brother went to Oklahoma. However, it's not clear just how much he likes the Longhorns, so there's some mystery with this one early.

Vincent Taylor, SA Madison DL

Offer? Unlikely

J-Day commitment: 10%

Overall odds: 40%

Favorites: LSU, Baylor

Quick take: A Louisiana native, Taylor doesn't seem to have any special affinity for Texas and may be a better fit in a 3-4 defense. Add in the fact that he didn't make the expected sophomore to junior leap many expected and Taylor looks more and more like a guy the 'Horns will continue to evaluate.

Naashon Hughes, Harker Heights OLB/DE

Offer? Likely

J-Day commitment: 50%

Overall odds: 90%

Favorites: Texas

Quick take: Like his teammate Darius James, Hughes is sounding like he plans on taking other visits and has said that the best decision for his brother isn't necessarily the best for him. As with most of the offensive lineman, Hughes will most likely end up a Longhorn at some point if he gets an offer, but isn't nearly as likely to commit this weekend as he seemed weeks ago.

Ricky Seals-Jones, Sealy ATH

Offer? Lock

J-Day commitment: 33%

Overall odds: 80%

Favorites: LSU and Texas.

Quick take: It looks like LSU is the main competition for Texas at this point. This is starting to sound old by now, but this one probably doesn't go down this weekend, though the 'Horns seem like the heavy favorites.