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Texas to Open Two Spring Practices to Public

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It's been some time since Texas football fans have been able to watch the Longhorns practice. Not since August of 2010, in fact, after head coach Mack Brown closed all practices to the public both in the spring and in the fall. However, that will finally change as the football team enters spring ball with no changes to the coaching staff, the university announced on Thursday.

Fans will be able to watch their 'Horns practice on March 2nd and March 3rd at DKR, with both sessions beginning at 4 pm CST.

Now for the bad news -- the annual Orange-White game will only be televised on the Longhorn Network, but so a trip to Austin might be worthwhile for those interested in catching the 'Horns go at each other on April 1st. The game is set to kick at 2 pm CST.

Spring practice starts in exactly one week.