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Daeshon Hall Commits to Texas, Providing Longterm Upside At Defensive End

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When Lancaster defensive end Daeshon Hall tweeted on Sunday afternoon that he was planning on making a decision in the evening, it wasn't hard to guess what his eventual choice might be given his JD2 visit to Austin on Saturday and news that he received an offer from Texas emerging earlier in the day. Hall did indeed make his decision, opting to become the ninth commitment in the 2013 Longhorn recruiting radar.

While the decision may not have been a shocker, the fact that Hall's pledge was the third of the day for the Longhorns, the number of commitments is certainly enough to make the head spin in a manner quite reminiscent of, dare I say, those old-school Texas Junior days that were so much fun.

A former basketball player who starred on the hardwood growing up in Seattle, Hall moved to Texas a year ago and now prefers football, as well, apparently, as the dominant recruiting power in his adopted state. Guess you don't have to have deep roots to the state of Texas to quickly decide that you're Texas Gang or Die.

Continuing a trend that's becoming pretty well-established, Hall cited as reasons for his commitment what he believes is an opportunity to compete for national championships at Texas, as well as the time-honored talk about the family atmosphere around the program and how comfortable he felt during his visit.

From the numbers perspective, it's not clear how the commitment from Hall will impact the offer out to Alief Taylor defensive end Torrodney Prevot, a kid who actually has been a longtime Longhorn fan and could quickly join Hall on the pledge list if his offer is still committable, as it likely is given that the coaching staff probably wouldn't have offered both after gauging their collective interest unless they were willing to take both.

At 6-6 and now listed at 220 pounds, it's easy to see some of the skills translate to the football field that made him one of the best basketball prospects in his class in the state of Washington. For his size, he's bouncy and fast, skills that could help make him a pretty dangerous threat at wide receiver next season for Lancaster.

As a defensive end, it's nice to see Hall put some different things on film. There's some evidence that he can use his hands to control offensive linemen when he's slow-playing a rush to keep contain, then hit and separate when he has an opportunity to make a play.

Like most high school defensive ends, leaving him unblocked in the zone game on the backside is a recipe for him to run things down and trying to bootleg into him while leaving him unaccounted for isn't usually going to be a particularly effective strategy either.

The general sense is that he's relatively raw, but he's probably not that much more raw than Prevot, and projects as a weakside guy, so he probably won't be asked to contribute early, if at all, so he'll have time to develop. Given the upside that he has due to his size/athleticism combination (isn't that a trend in this class), it's easy to feel extremely positive about the pledge.

And now I'm out of catch phrases on the day. This is not a bad thing.