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Texas Recruiting 2013: Weekend Recap and A Look Forward

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So, about that second Junior Day recap from Saturday evening.

Yeah, that probably needs some revision at this point.

Thanks to a number of offers that either went out after that point or were simply revealed and three massive commitments on Sunday, there's been a substantial change in the narrative over the last 24 hours or so.

And that narrative is increasingly positive for the Longhorns, who now have nine commitments as the month of February winds down and the spring evaluation period closes in. Nine commitments and a whole host of recruiting momentum with 10 offers currently out.

Here's an attempt to put everything in perspective. Again.

Horns_bullet_mediumOffered JD2 visitors.
  • Kent Perkins, Lake Highlands OT -- There was a relatively slight possibility that Perkins would commit on his visit, made substantially lower by the fact that things just aren't going down like that any more, for reasons that have been discussed at other times in this space. He's probably the most likely to become the 10th member of the class.
  • Daeshon Hall, Lancaster DE -- The lanky defensive end opted to become a Longhorn despite his lack of major ties to the state and provides some significant longterm upside at the position, since he likely won't be asked to contribute early (commitment post).
  • Torrodney Prevot, Alief Taylor DE -- Like Jacorey Warrick and Deoundrei Davis, Prevot grew up a Texas fan. Unlike the other two, Prevot still plans on taking some visits. A decision, however, may not be too far into the future and the Longhorns are the odds-on favorite.
  • Deoundrei Davis, Cy Woods LB -- Now generally considered the top linebacker in the state, the offer out to Davis could be a death knell for the recruitment of Naashon Hughes by Texas, but the reason the staff chose Davis is because of a skillset that is reminiscent guys like Sergio Kindle and Tevin Jackson (commitment post).
  • Jacorey Warrick, Cy Falls ATH -- A surprising take at wide receiver that could have a ripple effect on other recruitments, including that of Dallas Skyline wide receiver Ra'Shaad Samples and all-purpose back Dontre Wilson, the latter because even though Warrick could eventually end up on the defensive side of the ball, he also could be used in the DJ Monroe type of fly sweep role envisioned for Wilson (commitment post).
Horns_bullet_mediumOther outstanding offers
  • Dontre Wilson, DeSoto all-purpose back -- Texas seems to have made up some ground with Wilson following his JD1, but the need for him was reduced by the late 2012 commitment of Daje Johnson and possibly by the Warrick pledge this weekend. Stay tuned for what impact that may have on him.
  • Ra'Shaad Samples, Dallas Skyline wide receiver -- Samples visited Texas Tech this last weekend and has plenty of national offers. If he still has a committable offer, he could well become a Longhorn in the near future.
  • Durham Smythe, Belton tight end -- It seems that the Stanford visit planned for the weekend is still on for Smythe, who is now down to Texas, Texas A&M, and Stanford. There certainly could be some movement in favor of the Cardinal after the trip out to Palo Alto, but Texas is still in excellent shape in his recruitment, which may not last too long past the upcoming Stanford visit.
  • Justin Manning, Dallas Kimball defensive tackle -- The word on Manning is that he will probably take his time and without any other targets on the board at his position that look like they will receive an offer in the near future, Texas may opt to wait for him. Not a lot of good positive buzz here though.
  • Darius James, Harker Heights offensive lineman -- James still plans on taking some visits, but there hasn't been any movement to suggest that Texas has fallen out of the lead. This could go down in March or early April in favor of the 'Horns.
  • Marcell Harris, Orlando Dr. Phillips (FL) safety -- Florida may be the leader, but Texas is in a solid spot following multiple visits from Harris. Now it's just about getting him back on campus on some point and see where he stands then.
  • Vonn Bell, Rossville Ridgeland (GA) safety -- Bell has some ties to the state after having spent time in Dallas growing up and also has family still living in Texas. It appears that a visit in the works for Bell, who is one of the top safeties in the country and received his offer from the Longhorns last week. The full scouting report may be best saved for another time, but suffice it to say at this point that the kid has incredible athleticism and ball skills, as well as a knack for forcing and recovering fumbles. Play. Maker.
  • Su'a Cravens, Vista Murrieta (CA) safety -- A fantastic all-around prospect who does virtually everything for his high school team and could play in college at the major level at wide receiver or running back, Cravens will likely be a safety in college. He's thought to be a USC lean, but Texas has a chance to get him on campus, as he seems to have some family in the state as well.
Horns_bullet_mediumMack's media hate. One of the major reasons that it was difficult to determine who had offers on Saturday evening, besides the fact that some hadn't come out yet, was the fact that Mack Brown reportedly instructed -- or at least offered the prospects in attendance the option -- to basically lie about whether they had an offer or not, citing the fact that it isn't the business of the media to know those things. Despite the fact that many members of the media are paid to determine exactly those things.

It's understandable that Brown wants less transparency in the process and it's something that he complains about relatively frequently, but to try to actively deceive the media seems like a rather excessive step. It also lead to a rather confusing evening regarding the offer status of Livingston athlete Chevoski Collins, who said that he had an offer and his coach said that he had an offer and may not actually have an offer. As if the offer status for kids wasn't already confusing enough for most parties involved.

Horns_bullet_mediumVersatility clouding positional projections. One of the most heartening aspects of the burgeoning 2013 Texas recruiting class is the fact that virtually every commit in the class could play multiple positions once they arrive in Austin. Heck, one of the few guys who is actually slotted into a position -- Whitewright quarterback Tyrone Swoopes -- is athletic enough to play wide receiver or eventually grow into a tight end.

But while that fact is heartening as it regards to the overall upside of the class, it also makes it extremely difficult to start forecasting how all the numbers are going to come together with so many guys being capable of playing in so many places.

Here's a brief attempt to try to sort things out.*
  • Quarterback -- One. Texas is finished here with the commitment from Swoopes.
  • Running back -- One or two. The offer out to Dontre Wilson is probably still committable, but recruiting could get shut down here with Arlington Martin running back Kyle Hicks in the fold.
  • Wide receiver -- Three or four. Here's where things start getting complicated already. Does RSJ count against the wide receiver numbers? The tight end numbers? The athlete numbers? What about Warrick, who has been told he will start at wide receiver? See how this starts getting frustrating quickly? Is the offer out to Samples still committable? Is Texas quickly running out of room to even be in a position to offer a fantastic talent like Eldridge Massington, who provides a unique skillset as the tallest and fastest potential deep threat/big-bodied wide receiver? Questions, questions, questions, questions. Questions.
  • Tight end -- Two. Smythe is the top target on the board, opening up the previously-posed question about whether RSJ fits here with the numbers. If not, an offer could eventually go out to one of the JD2 visitors, either Mansfield's Trent Gow or Red Oak's Jeremiah Gaines. Maybe even a player who isn't even on the radar at the moment. Smythe here continues to be the key, however.
  • Offensive line -- Four. Here we go again. Celina offensive lineman/defensive lineman Jake Raulerson could fit in here, but will probably start out on defense, unless the weight gain explosion talked about by his doctor following his recent surgery happens. What about Fort Worth Arlington Heights offensive lineman/defensive tackle A'Shawn Robinson, who seems to have a preference for defense and could start out there? This discussion has now moved from frustrating to exhausting. The good news is that James and Perkins could make this all a lot more simple by committing in the near future. Unless James starts talking about wanting to play defense...
  • Defensive tackle -- One or two. Sigh. So Robinson could be here. Justin Manning is certainly in the consideration, but there's nothing even approaching a positive vibe here. The second-best target in Elysian Fields' Isaiah Golden is off the board and not planning on taking other visits at this time. That basically leaves the unoffered Vincent Taylor, who may not even be a defensive tackle. Good thing the 'Horns loaded up with four in 2012.
  • Defensive end -- Two. The number here looks like two, with Hall already in the fold and Prevot likely to join him in the near future, which is bad news for Fort Bend Marshall's Deon Hollins, Jr. and perhaps for Plano Prestonwood Christian's Mike Mitchell. But either one of them could be considered outside linebackers. And around and around we spin. I'm getting dizzy.
  • Linebacker -- One. At least there's more clarity here -- it looks like Texas is done (attrition caveat -- ACTIVATED!) after the commitment from Deoundrei Davis, which is sad news for the recruitment of Harker Heights' Naashon Hughes, who didn't seem overly happy with that fact on Sunday and may be forced to move on. Of course, he could also be considered a safety at the moment. Or a defensive end. Ugh.
  • Defensive back -- Three or four. A quite muddled picture, there aren't currently any offers out to in-state defensive backs with the coaching staff targeting players like Cravens, Bell, Luke, and Oklahoma's Stanvon Taylor. However, JD2 visitors like Fort Bend Dulles' Maurice Smith and West Mesquite's Kameron Miles are still in the mix, as well as Bastrop cornerback Antwuan Davis, who missed JD2 due to track commitments, but lives close by and has made multiple visits to campus already. There may not be in-state movement here until after the spring evaluation period. Or until more is known about the interest/collective visit statuses of the out-of-state kids.
  • Athlete -- I don't even know any more. Warrick is definitely a take here, even though he is slated for wide receiver and is probably impacting the numbers. I give up.
*Note -- The numbers may not add up here and I don't really know what to do about that because my head hurts now. #realtalk