Andrew Billings, Waco High DT/OL (2013)

Has anyone else heard of this guy? He plays for Waco High, his blocking at right tackle helped Darrell Harris run for over 2,300 yards, and he was named Class 4A honorable mention all-state on offense and defense. Somehow he doesn't seem to be on the radar of most recruitniks. 247 Sports has a page for him but he's not rated, and Rivals has some of his highlights but not much else, though Scout does list him as having offers from TCU, UNT, and UT-San Antonio. He's listed at 6'1" on the first two and 6'2" by Scout, and all three say he's 295 lbs. (the results from his most recent powerlifting meet list him as 303). Based on his highlights (and the stats available on him from the 2011 season) he played right tackle on offense and occasionally lined up at nose guard and 3-4 defensive end on defense. He was credited with 134 pancakes (41 combined in his team's last two games, versus Stephenville and Mansfield Summit) but only 9 tackles, though the lack of tackles does not seem to have been for lack of effort. Most recruiting websites that list him at all have him at defensive tackle, but based on the enthusiasm with which he mauls any defender in sight while on offense, he could probably play guard for a lot of places as well.

His highlight videos on Hudl are quite impressive but recently the settings were changed (though thankfully not before I got a chance to view most of them, some of which were worth multiple views) and they are no longer publicly viewable. He does still have a highlight video on YouTube (which are probably some sophomore year highlights, as the video was posted this past summer), and some Rivals highlights can be seen on Yahoo (okay, it's Yahoo News India, but at least they're viewable). He appears thickly built and absolutely lives for putting defensive ends and unsuspecting linebackers on their back (along with the occasional DB on screen plays). He doesn't have great speed on defense but is crazy strong and doesn't give up on plays. On one of his highlight films (probably one on Hudl) was a play where Billings opened a hole from his spot at right tackle, then followed the play as his running back ran 40 or so yards down the field before being tackled and fumbling the ball, and because he had not given up but continued to follow his runner he was there to dive on the ball and save the possession.

I could see him either blowing up and making a good 3-4 nose guard or 4-3 tackle somewhere, or staying under the radar and signing with someone like Baylor or TCU then spending his first two seasons pushing Dom Espinosa into the backfield. Makes me wish I could see high school video of Casey Hampton (who is the same height) just to compare the two at the same age. (Not saying he is or ever will be in Hampton's echelon, but who knows?)

I mentioned earlier that Billings competes in powerlifting, but did I mention that within the past month he has bench pressed 460, squatted 660, and dead lifted 635? I thought not. Not that he's on Texas' radar but would he not be their strongest player if he stepped on campus right now?

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