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Texas at Texas A&M: Open Game Thread

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February 6th, 2012
8:00 PM CST
Who: Texas Longhorns at Texas A&M Aggies
Where: Reed Arena | College Station,Texas
Radio: AM 1300 / FM 98.1 (Austin)
KenPom Projection
: Texas 62-57 (62 Pace)
First Meeting: Texas 61 A&M 51

The Texas Longhorns (14-9. 4-6) return to the hardwood on short rest for a Big Monday showdown against Texas A&M (12-10, 3-7), in what will be the last regular season Big 12 match up between the two schools. Texas is 22-7 against the Aggies under Rick Barnes, but no win may be as important to the Longhorns as the one tonight would be. With a loss tonight, Texas would face a severe uphill climb to get into the NCAA Tournament, while a win would keep that all-important mark of 10 conference wins within reach.

Not that most fans at the schools care half as much, but it sure would be nice to give the Aggies a basketball sendoff similar to the one delivered by the football team on Thanksgiving. Hook 'em!