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Talking Texas Basketball Surviving Oklahoma on SBNation's New YouTube Channel

Dear reader, you may not have noticed it this morning when you rolled out of bed, but you woke up to a new world. Allow me to explain -- working in connection with Google and YouTube, SBNation launched an exciting new initiative today with a dedicated channel for the network (please subscribe) that will feature original programming. The project includes some incredible on-air talent like Bomani Jones, he of "Around the Horn" fame, as well as EDSDS' Spencer Hall and Amy Nelson, poached from ESPN. Yes, SBN is big-time now.

For the ultimate purposes of this post, the relevant revelation here is that bloggers on the network, including PB and yours truly, will be filing reports throughout the year on all the same topics that we cover here on BON. Of course, I'll be focusing mostly on recruiting or football depending on the season, but with the exciting, precarious victory over the Sooners last night, I thought I would offer some thoughts on the victory:

Texas-OU Basketball Recap (via sbnburntorangenation)

Bear with me as I refine, gain some more practice here and finish completing my multi-million dollar in-house production studio (not really, but I'll try to find some place better to shoot these), but hopefully this will give you an idea of what we're going to be doing.

I'm not sure that I can really stress it enough, but this is truly an exciting opportunity that I'm humbled to be a part of it, and I hope y'all enjoy it as well. The first episode of Bomani & Jones is up and it's a good watch. We're talking professional-level production quality here and some of the smartest, most talented people anywhere.

Alright, I'll step down off my soapbox here and let all you BONizens enjoy the content.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube